What Is 'Macrohard' (In Relation To Microsoft)? Support Us To Setup A Physical Hub/Office In The Philippines Called 'Macrohard'.

Macrohard is an enterprise modeled to emanate 'brother programmers' and create a 'programming protocol/language' that will enable every(any)one to code 'with swag'.  

We want to remove 'all barriers to entry' from the 'world of coding', enabling every(any)one to code 'with swag'.

While we will eventually build a social-network platform for this enterprise on 'macrohard.pro', we will look to start-up 'Macrohard' in a have physical hub/office, located in the Philippines. 

In the near future, Macrohard will begin to have physical hubs located in many nations as it intends to 'gather the nations to code 'with swag'.

What Needs Does Macrohard Cater To?

Many times, 'the ever-missing piece of the puzzle' when it comes to 'dream-building (e.g project-development)', especially in our era, is 'coding' (programming).  However, there are barriers!  

"Not everyone can code. Not everyone can raise a budget to avail of programmers. Not everyone feels that the 'coding ecosystem' is for everyone".

Now, while there are many coders in the world, not many coders can 'code with swag'. Not every coder is a brother. There is a rarity in the 'brother-programmers' industry.

"While Bill Gates can compile the program that makes up 'complex Microsoft' in the comfort of an office, he may not succeed in writing the code for 'simple Macrohard', under the canopies of a jungle".

Too, touching on the 'content-creation/content-curation' aspect of the 'programming world', there isn't much documentation highlighting the 'human (social) side' to coding e.g 'the code-stories, the errors/flaws, the stories and histories etc', further forming 'barriers to entry' and propagating 'codes as a language for gods'.

Codes are complex too! Made 'by geeks', for the most part. However, there are 'tenets from real life', that could simplify code. These things need to be revealed!

Ofcourse, there has been advancement in the 'world of coding' over the course of time. For instance, 'we now have the open-source programming-ecosystem, enabling people (even non-coders) to start projects from a base of code'. There are also guides, resources, books etc explaining the application of these advancements. Nevertheless, there is need for a revelation of the expanse/depth/application of these resources, courtesy of 'insight contained in the no-books' (i.e in the perception of the 'legit illiterate').

The world of programming needs a 'balance'.

So far, the 'world of coding' is not for 'everyone', stalling or deterring the formation of many noble dreams. 

The 'world of innovation' in general, needs a 'down-to-earth aspect'; a 'swag effect'. The 'world of innovation' needs more 'brothers'. The 'world of innovation' have to begin 'taking cognizance of everyone'. This very much applies to 'the world of programming' too.

Here are some other needs that Macrohard, will seek to cater to...

  • The notion of "developing/developed nations" is recognized by the world in general. It affects the 'world of coding'.
  • Not every coder/programmer is a pro/veteran.
  • Not every coder has 'time-on-hand'.
  • Not every project-owner has large budgets.
  • Not every project-owner/innovator/entrepreneur has 'programming knowledge'.
  • Not every developer/programmer knows how to interact perfectly with project-owners and vice versa.
  • Not every developer/programmer is confident about their skills or 'levels of expertise'. 
  • Not every coder is effective in determining 'how much his service should cost'.
  • Not every project-owner is versed with 'how much the development of a project should cost'.
  • Not every project-owner wants a 'partnership/co-ownership' with their developers/programmers.
  • Though 'contracts' between project-owners and programmers can thrive on a "strictly business" model, there is still need for some form of social-relationship. 
  • Some project-owners may have large/sufficient budgets yet can't find "that like-mind programmer".
  • Some project-owners lose 'large funds' to 'programmers who didn't deliver'.
  • Some programmers lose out on 'large funds', by delivering services without getting paid.
  • Programmers are humans and they too can wilt under pressure. 
  • Not every programmer is versed in 'every programming language/framework'.
  • Project-owners may not know how to distribute funds aright, when dealing with several developers/programmers, leading to 'faltering relationships' and stalled projects.
  • 'Small-budget projects' can find it difficult to get developers/programmers or quality service.
  • 'Zero-budget projects' can be vanquished, without ever starting.
  • Developers/programmers need inspiration too.
  • Project-owners who aren't programmers may not know how to estimate the 'right budget of a project'.
  • Amateur-developers or programming-enthusiasts can't fully participate in the coding ecosystem.
  • Programming-enthusiasts can't hone their skills, by developing 'established projects'.
  • 'Non-coder' project-owners struggle to build or complete projects, even in the presence of 'a sufficient budget' and 'availability of programmers'.
  • Many projects, especially those being built by 'non-programmer project-owners', fail to meet their initial vision, as these projects can begin to sway from its intended 'model' or course, in the face of 'limited resources' or 'unavailability of brother programmers'.
  • etc.

The Macrohard enterprise seeks to fix all 'the needs'...

The solution was simple all along and Macrohard creates a simple model that suddenly involves 'every(any)one'. 

First, if we remove the notion of "developing and developed" renown by world-standards, to where 'nations are merely locations'; then, we can begin to remove "all barriers to entry" from the 'world of coding'. 

One way to accomplish this is by creating Macrohard hubs across every location.

But there is more... 

Here Is An Insight Into Macrohard Enterprise Seeks To Do:

  • Create a protocol that breaks 'giant/complex task-requests' into 'smaller/less-complex task-requests'. This allows more 'programmers' to participate in 'project-development', regardless of 'levels of expertise, programming-language proficiency, time-constraints etc'. It also enables both parties (i.e project-owners & programmers) to established better estimates of 'how much a task should cost', while eliminating or reducing financial losses for either party. As importantly, it allows 'non-coder project-owners' to have a more informed participation in the development of projects. 
  • Develop a 'hierarchical micro-programming approach to project-development'. (i.e preemptively, 'development tasks' are kept 'micro' in nature and tackled hierarchically, in a such a way that, 'the code needed to complete an upcoming task', has been partially-built by a 'preceding task'). This approach reduces 'complexities' in project-development and further 'removes all barriers to entry' from 'project-development', for all parties.
  • Enhance the model behind 'hierarchical micro-programming' while assisting projects-owners build their projects. To accomplish this, 'our network of programmers' will dynamically seek out 'projects' to develop, using our programming-model. These projects can also be their own projects or our projects. While using these projects as case-study, we can enhance the 'hierarchical micro-programming' model, while helping many build their 'noble dreams'. 
  • Propagate this 'Macrohard approach to project-development' (i.e hierarchical micro-programming) to developers and project-owners globally. This 'education' will begin via our physical hubs; then, on a grander scale via 'macrohard.pro'. We will also begin to offer 'hierarchical micro-programming' as an expert-service.
  • Begin to incentivize and reward project-owners/programmers who make use of the 'hierarchical micro-programming' approach in developing their projects.
  • Create an oracle that can estimates budget-cost/task-complexity and offer this as a service via 'macrohard.pro'. Project owners can outline their tasks and allow 'our network of programmers' to analyze each task and offer in return 'estimates' on 'task-complexity/probable-pricing/delivery-duration etc', enabling project-owners (especially, non-coder project-owners) to maximize their resources, while maintaining better relationship with their 'prospective programmers'.
  • Eventually, create a very simplified programming language/framework called 'Macrohard'; one in which anyone 'regardless of their level of expertise' can code in.
  • Monitor/review/curate every tool/resource 'that simplifies programming', as they becomes available by virtue of advancement in technology and maintain a database of these resources, searchable by everyone, via 'macrohard.pro'.
  • Incentivize and propagate more 'ulogging-style' content-creation under programming-related niches (via 'macrohard.pro). This not only allows programmers to 'consciously mine their human', while in the 'art of coding' (enabling them to evolve into 'brother programmers') but further removes 'barriers to entry' from the 'world of programming', making it open to 'everyone' as opposed to 'just experts'.
  • Offer funding to projects-owners/programmers who struggle to build projects. (Funding is made possible by means of the TEARDROPS tokens.)
  • Setup Macrohard hubs globally to 'gather the nations to code with swag'.
  • Create these physical hubs also in nations that the world label "developing".
  • Grow a network of programming-enthusiasts, programmers, entrepreneurs, project-owners etc who are 'brothers'. 
  • Dress up each coder with SWAG, regardless of 'levels of expertise' or location and dress up each coder for real 'in real-life', with an entire fashion line labelled "MACROHARD". 
  • Propagate curriculums that enable programmers to apply the 'art of programming' also as a means to 'consciously mine/evolve human virtues'.
  • etc.
Macrohard completes the puzzle! 

Support Us To Setup A Physical Hub/Office

I would love to start the 'macrohard.pro' enterprise, via a physical hub/office located in the Philippines, near my home. Among other things, this will help me start my' health-rehabilitation', while able to cater to my dad who is ill (and needs 24/7 care).

Kindly support my effort to do so, with a donation.

You can donate any amount that is convenient here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/i-am-in-rubble-arm-outstretched-take-my-hand

Or you can donate to this PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/surpassinggoogle

Other ways to support my efforts: 

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Making the world of programming more accessible to those without a technical background could just represent a big technological jump and could let the entire world develop into an extraordinary way. Good luck with the project, I will follow up!

@tipu curate

Amazing work