Where are my shy Manchester United fans?
You guys were so happy when Chelsea got a whopping on week 1.
I was not happy,
I swallowed my gut and
I hope Chelsea does everything right
going forward.
On the other side,
Chelsea let me down again.
They cannot beat Sheffield, Oh my ...,
I cannot watch this.
Anyway I have short memory and I will watch them against Wolves.
I am hoping for a lot of goals, definitely.

Yes You Manchester United fans were so happy for the first game.
Since then no more victories, just draw. lost, draw.
I put you guys way up and
you put me down.
What is happening to your team?
Pogba is just in the middle doing what ?
I want some fair and reliable expertise
as of why your team is playing this way.


Daniel james is doing really good.
He is so far the leading scorer
for Man. U along Rashford for this season.
It is funny about Zlatan coming over to score goals for you.
I should say Zlatan owns Manchester United.
Hey you never know he could be your savior this season.
Anyways next week.
you should put it in the bag against Leicester.

I have to say Man. U. has a better team in paper, even better than Chelsea with a ban.
It is so impressible to watch any matches in the EPL and feel good about it.
Hopefully I want to hear more my Manchester United sportstalk fans
to vouch for your team.
Don't just post when your team wins.
Support till they win something.
I know they will do good this year.
If you can beat Chelsea, you should be able to beat Leicester.
I cannot wait for December where Manchester U. will meet the usual suspects.
In the meantime victories should be a norm going forward, no lost.
Can't wait to read your favorite team and sports related.
We need more of it and have fan doing it.
May the best team wins!

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I really doubt it if Manchester united will make the top four this season , the tram is not formidable enough they lack team work and good attackers .

They have gone into hibernation until next season. It is looking like a poor season as look at who they have played so far and look at the results. Chelsea are in the same boat as them and it is looking mid table for both of them and that is being generous. When last did we have a season where United and Chelsea finished above 10th? That is a possibility this year. I cannot see them beating Leicester,Arsenal or Liverpool and have a chance against Newcastle in their coming fixtures. If they don't beat Newcastle then they are in serious trouble.

Let me wait for next week
I better see some W in the board pretty soon.

Oh they are around alright. Say pogba three times in front of a mirror and @deniskj will turn up to defend the indefensible. Shocking display yesterday him . He is the only player that when he is good he is world class but when he is bad a sunday league player would do better

I am here good sir. 🙂🙂

First I agree with what you are saying about pogba looking like a world beater and the next fellaini reincarnate.

You have to however understand that Pogba is not a CDM and cannot play in a holding two since he will obviously not track back or put in a tackle. Sort of reminds me of the legendary first touch maestro Berbatov who was best friends with the kit man since he returned it without grass stains.

Just look back to when Solskjaer joined united after Jose took his leave and see pogba playing in an advanced role with Matic in CDM. I am hoping Fred plays himself into contention and Pogba is pushed higher up the pitch.

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