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Good day today with yet another price rise for MAPXV tokens.

As I keep repeating some of the mathematics behind the MAPXV distribution and how it reaches some VP equilibrium, whether fully utilised or not, I suspect some investors have been paying attention. Or perhaps those buyers just need the upvotes! I still believe a fair value is in the region of 4 STEEM, so current prices remain a bargain.

Sadly, the TULIP token didn't bloom. The underlying TULIP fund may, ironically, grow faster because of such a low base. We shall see. I will analyse the numbers for it tomorrow.

Regarding STEEM, we are coming into price tonsure (aka haircut - no idea why) territory. This happens when the SBD debt ratio goes above 10%; it should be a safety mechanism to avoid SBD debt being larger than STEEM in case of a STEEM price collapse. It should thus be above the SBD print rate decrease, but one of the wise algorithms from HF20 placed it smack on the 10% mark - it used to be 5% above the SBD zero print rate.

Anyway, the consequence of this is that the blockchain's official STEEM price is calculated as if the SBD debt were exactly at 10%. Hence, that price may deviate from the market price. As it is a 3.5-day median, the blockchain price will slowly converge to the market price as the debt ratio falls; with SBD below $1, this debt ratio depends wholly on the STEEM price.

In the past, this has had little influence on our post or curation earnings. It's just a bit confusing to those who haven't seen this mechanism in action before.

Today's random prize

OK, I've stopped thinking about this and have settled on giving random tokens; searching for something to upvote takes far too long and upvoting comments will soon be a waste of good VP.

So, our winner today is... @outlinez, who just got a free 0.01 MAPXV token.

Just to add that this will be a lucky time for some members as there are not so many individuals that are not part of the MAP FinTech family. I don't think it fair to give prizes to myself!


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