TikToks Global Head of Marketing takes his hat off and Politics

in marketing •  11 months ago  (edited)

Huge News from the video space!

TikToks global marketing boss Stefan Heinrich takes his hat off. As he announces on Linkedin, the German changes to the video app Cameo, with which users can buy personal messages from their favorite stars. Heinrich takes over the position of CMO at the company.

Why is that interesting?

On a personal scale I had a major discussion today with a client on TikTok and its heritage and lack of data security. Do we all know how secure the data is our son's and daughters give to the company behind TikTok? Do we know about the Chinese background and aim of the enterprise - is it a free business or directed by the government? I think the company is very skilled and intelligent. They won brands such as Adidas and Coca Cola to run marketing campaigns on the platform - is that a good one? Do we trust the people behind the enterprise?

Now it becomes political - maybe

I personally do not join ANY campaign against certain political powerhouses which are usually the result of common PR or lobby instruments. China is a usual suspect, Russia as well - the interesting spot: Even the western world is aware that the US has always been on the forerunner front to manipulate opinions around the world - they still believe in the US as the guardians of the World!

The entire Western World believes since ages that Russia and China are bad by design. The media is transporting the message, but are we sure the Western media is really open and not also dominated by certain "power" behind?

All Western local media transport similar messages - but is that what we need these days? Is marketing that powerful that all of us becomemanipulated?

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