Robots And Marketing: A Changing Trend

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are changing the face of many industries.

We are seeing a large shift in the world of marketing. As AI and robotics improve, companies are finding ways to enhance their use in seeking out new customers.

Over the past decade, we saw a rise in their use to promote brands and work in call centers.


Until recently, Ai was considered non-creative. While it could process large amounts of data and manipulate it, there was the belief that AI could not "create" new ideas. This is being proven false as neural networks take on new abilities.

Many companies are working on developing software that can interact like humans. This requires the advancement of language and context. One of the main areas this would impact is call centers.

Copywriters are also in jeopardy of being replaced. Thus far, AI has been limited to technical publications which is in line with the traditional thinking about what software is capable of. However, in the last couple years, advancements have enabled AI to write news items.

It is not a big stretch for software to start writing marketing pitches and handle the writing of copy. In the marketing world, this is a large part of product framing, AI coupled with advanced data analysis could end up with copy that is more effective and stable than anything humans could create.

Reducing the uncertainty from marketing campaigns would be of great benefit for product producers.

Robots are finding their way into stores helping with different aspects of marketing. Activities such as surveys, product branding, and making recommendations to customers.

This article explains how robots and artificial intelligence are penetrating the world of retail.

The advancements over the past decade are going to pale in comparison to what we see take place over the next 10 years. Even if AI does not achieve general (or strong) in that time, the progress it is making means it will take over larger segments of world of marketing.

This is no different than what took place in the financial arena. The first decade of FinTech saw, relatively speaking, little progress. Yet, the second decade saw marked progress to the point where many of the functions at banks and other large institutions are now automated.

Software is only going to get more advanced so that it will be able to better sell us stuff. At the same time, we are going to see more the retail world populated with robots handling many of the in-store activities.

The trend is only going to keep growing.

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They are pushing the limits when it comes to AI and training computers to take the jobs of humans. AI of the future will be displayed during this next EXPO2020 which will be held in Dubai, starting in October.

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On copywriting, there are so much advances expecially with the development of SEO tools with AI intelligence. Yet, human creativity can never be cloned.

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