Funeral service: What is it?

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Telling a good story is essential to marketing whether you are an agency like Town Crier, or a funeral service provider passionate about bringing generosity to the service. We strongly endorse this sentiment put forth by our Celebrant at Rutherford Funeral and Cremation Services in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Along our learning curve, we have come to understand what a celebrant is, and how a funeral service provider can bolster their brand and offering by having a registered celebrant as part of the package.

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Funeral Service. What is it?

Funeral Service is about service to the public, and like any public service, the main objective is to serve the public well. What does that mean, to “serve the public well?” It means, in my humble opinion, serving you as you would expect to be served – with transparency, understanding and generosity.

To be transparent means to explain ALL of the options regarding the choices you may be looking at - and that includes explaining all of the things that are not necessarily needed as well, so that you can make an informed decision. (More about that in future posts). It means clarity in the options. It means knowing what you are paying for.

Understanding comes from knowing grief and celebration - not only from the job we do as funeral directors, but, much more intimately, from personal experience – remembering that we are all one in this shared experience called “dying.” We’re clear that it will happen to us, to family members, to our neighbours and friends just as it has happened to your loved one. Funeral Directors should treat the event with the love and the respect that it deserves and serve you in the knowledge that we too are not immune. As a celebrant (one who creates highly personalized eulogies for those who have died) this reality is ever present and I’m grateful to be reminded of it.

And finally…generosity. This perhaps delves a little deeper into that word “service.” Service in a retail store is simply finding what is needed, treating a customer politely and carrying out a transaction. Not so in funeral “service.” In funeral service the understanding of the event informs the manner in which we act. We are generous in making everything as perfect as it can be. We are generous with carrying out your personal desires. And we are generous in understanding that not everyone is in the same financial boat. So – we strive to give value.

You see…in funeral “service,” it is the service that is always at the forefront where it should be.

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From our interactions with our favourite celebrant, we know Stuart is passionate about being sensitive, transparent and easy to deal with in such a tough time. He has steered the culture of the business toward helping clients invest in exactly what they need, and only what they need while many others are looking to sell you everything under the sun. I would rather partner with a dedicated expert determined to provide a generous service in such a tough time.

Hopefully this has helped you learn a little about what a funeral service should be. Stay tuned for more blog posts from our generous celebrant!

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Thank you for your business support, following our story and sharing in those we tell of our clients. Feel free to create a blog for your business and ask us how to leverage it towards success.

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