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In an effort to share some of our expertise and lessons, we like to leverage the STEEM blockchain to share. As with Facebook social media in the context of marketing, it is optimal to post once a day on your STEEM blog. Other platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, you can post more and not overwhelm your followers.

The point to post consistently like this is for brand repetition/recognition, to stay top of mind without being overly chatty, and to add some value in small ways. We will be working to post daily with the help of sharing our Tip of the Day.

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Paid Google Advertising

In the past we have extolled the virtues and value of securing and leveraging your google business profile. As a review, it enables you to ensure the correct information is there for people searching for your business, reply to any positive and negative reviews, and helps with Search Engine Optimization when the information matches that of your web page, facebook business profile and other platforms with fresh content.

Did you know that there is paid advertising available for you with ownership over your Google Business Profile? What do you get?

Simply put, when you invest in the pay-per click adds, your company will appear at the top of the google search for the selected key words along with other businesses who have paid for the advertising. Paying for clicks to your web page may seem to some a investment with questionable return as clicks don't always translate to more revenue for the business. That being the case, here are some benefits we have seen for our clients:


  • Clicks can = sales - When you have a product for sale on your web page, it is pretty simple to understand and measure how a paid click can result in business. E-commerce components of a business website makes for a more direct value for your marketing dollars.
  • Brand Recognition - You don't want people to click! This is tough to imagine initially but you pay for the click. When people don't click on your link, it costs you nothing. BUT, they have seen your name, discovered your brand, and it didn't cost you a thing.
  • Competition - One of the most satisfying things is the first message we send to our marketing clients informing them that someone(s) searched directly for their competition and ended up clicking on their link instead. Increase mind-share = increased market-share.
  • Search Engine Optimization - We simplify this buzzword by describing it as "When people are searching for your type of service/product, we want them to find you easily. Then, when they find you, we want them to get the right story and impression." When you advertise on Google, you appear in more searches, get more traffic to your site, engage with more people (when your website is set up properly) and contribute to organically rising to the top of the google search. The passive value to SEO is such a no-brainer with regards to return on investment.
  • Free Advertising! - We have found that Google occasionally offers the business owner a free advertising credit when you first claim you google business profile. This is intended to get you using and happy with the service so you continue paying and advertising. Whether or not you do, you should use the free credits when given to realize all of the benefits listed and more.


The benefits to all of this HAVE to be increased revenue. That is the reason you invest in marketing and search engine optimization. What you choose to do with that revenue really makes for more substantial benefits but we will leave that up to you.

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Claim Your Google Business Profile!

This article will show you some of the ways to gain control over your business profile It is a little impersonal, automated and can be a bit confusing for some who are not internet savvy. Definitely worth learning though for the advantages and benefits listed above.

If you have any questions we can answer or there is help we can offer, let us know in comments! Otherwise, we are always looking for new clients looking to optimize their online presence and connect marketing investment to increased revenue and would love to hear from you!

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Do you Google and can we help?

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