Beverly's First Ulog! I went Jogging this Morning! 😄

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Hello steemit world. It's me again Beverly! :)

Lets start this day with some trivia. 😁



I saw that trivia in twitter and it was interesting. I don't know if it's true but it sure has some basis. Jogging and running is good for our body. It has so many health benefits and here are some examples:

  • Getting Fit
  • Strengthen Muscles
  • Help in building strong bones
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Weight Loss

Now let's talk about what happened to me this morning! 😄

How are you guys! Earlier this morning, I had an early morning jog as my exercise for today. I planned it many weeks ago but I always failed waking up very early in the morning. Haha. 😄 I have to go to work early so I don't really have time for this kind of activity. It's a 1 hour trip going to my workplace so I have to wake up early. Luckily for me today, I don't have to go to work so I have enough time now for some activity. That's why I decided to have some exercise.


The weather is not so good. It's slightly raining and it's cold. So, I have to wear a jacket while jogging. I am so motivated today so the weather didn't stopped me. Haha. 😆 And by the way, this place that you see in the photo is the Laguna Sports Complex. There are many people visiting this place and most of them are athletes of course. This is a training ground for athletes but ordinary people like me can always use this place.

Here are more photos:



And that is all for today.
Let us all smile again and throw away all the negativities! :)
Have a nice day! See you around! :)

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Wow! Very well done post. My expectancy of life just increased, knowing there are people out there jogging.

I have tried to build a routine of exercise but have never been able to keep it going.

Thank you @sponge-bob! Well, it's really hard to build a routine of exercise if you have a busy schedule. I'm also having a hard time being consistent about it.

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Hi, good for you to have some extra time to do this. I actually just got home from the office nearly an hour ago. And lucky for you to be near in such facility. Hoping to see more of your posts. Have a blessed, rainy day ahead. Hahaha!

Hello. Yes it's good to be near this kind of facilities. But I don't really have the time. Haha. You work at night? Where do you work?
Thank you @akilie1029. Looking forward also to your posts as well. I think you're good in gaming. Have a nice day. 😆

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Haha! Yah, I'm currently working in a call center here in Q.C and a ComSci grad. Gaming? Kinda haha, I'm not sure if your familiar with these games but I've used to play, RAN Online, Cabal, M.U, Tantra, Rose Online, Battle Realms, Dota, League of Legends, CS, Crossfire and more hahahahaha! Btw, I joined the discord channel of @dwin0603 and friends. It's good to be part of a growing Filipino Community here.

Wow. nice. So, that's why you're so fluent in English. Haha. Yeah, I'm familiar with those games. I played some of those. And based on the games you played, I think you're a 90's kid. Hahaha. That's nice. I will be joining there too. Soon. Thanks @akilie1029. :)

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This is a great post! Please keep up the good work and why not download the Actifit App to count your steps too? You can still get all the tokens!
Have a lovely weekend and I wish you every success here :-)

I will download it. Thank you for sharing @leedsunited. :)

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You are great working on steemit platforms

Thanks! :)

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Hi! Its nice to see a fellow Filipino here in Steemit. Keep posting =)

Hey. You're a Filipino? Nice to see you here. Thank you! :)

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