Beverly's 5th Ulog! I went to the gym! šŸ˜„

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Hello steemit world. It's me again Beverly! :)

What's going on steemians? Today is a very nice day for me. It's very productive because I went to the gym to have some exercise. I was able to go to the gym after work and do some running and walking using the treadmill.

Let's have some trivia. šŸ˜€

A treadmill is a device use for running and walking without moving to another place. You can run and walk using the treadmill while staying in one place. And it was a popular device usually seen in the gym. You can also climb using a treadmill if you love hiking. It's a very useful device for people who loves to exercise but do not want to do it outdoor.

And for additional info, do you know that having regular exercise can help us with weight loss? It can also increase your energy levels, help skin health, help the brain and memory, help sleep quality and relaxation, and most importantly, it can make us feel happier.

How's Beverly's Exercise for today?


To be honest, it's really exhausting going to the gym after a full day of work. After an 8-hour work time in the office, I went to the gym and I really enjoyed it. šŸ˜„ Even though I'm so tired after work, I still want to have some exercise. I want to stay healthy and having some exercise is good for our body. It's really important for our health.

Doing some exercise or physical activity regularly can reduce the risk of having several diseases. It can also have many health benefits and improve quality of life. I also believe that it can really make us feel happier. Like today, I think I can sleep well after having some exercise. šŸ˜„

By the way, I recommend using the Actifit App especially when you are at the gym. It's a very useful app. I used it earlier in the gym while using the treadmill. Take a look at my actifit report card for today here.

I think that would be all for today steemians! I hope you enjoyed reading my ulog. Don't be shy to drop some comments down. I would love to have some conversation with you. Thank you and Good Night! šŸ˜€ Smile! šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„

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