“This is bad for you, don't eat that"👨‍✈️👩🏻‍✈️🙅‍♂️

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I often see comments like that in many weight loss groups so i thought i will share with you few thought on this...
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Food groups like carbs are still demonized by many of us and it's such a shame because they are delicious, very filling and can be very nutritious , we just need to learn which ones are NEEDED to sustain healthy body and MIND!
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I know there is this cult of very low carb diets like "keto" but i said it before and i will say it again -CARBS DON'T MAKE YOU FAT.
Very low carb diets are completely unnecessary for fat loss.

What make us overweight is the overall excess of food we eat every day, its the combination of hyper palatable foods with stressed and busy life!

Sure there is some benefits to low carb diets but only YOU can decide what is YOUR carb limit.

Don't let " Food police" on social media decide for you.

" Be the driver, not the passenger"

Nobody knows your body better than you!

Take your time to decide which areas of your diet and wellbeing in general need improving?

Ask yourself Is it going to be sustainable?

Don't listen to social media " food police".
Decide for yourself based on your personal needs, environment, cultural background, emotional state and mental health in general.

They don't know your stress level, your personal/emotional problems.....

They don't know how tired you are from long shifts at work or how difficult it is for you to follow this trend of “ No pain, No gain” culture! Life is so much more than gym and kale! DO what makes you happy💆‍♀️
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And sometimes for some of us that "bad food" is actually the only one food available!

I have never seen Certified nutritionists and registered dietitians telling people to avoid food groups unless somebody have medical condition!
And if you really don’t know how to start and eat healthier just limit (limit but NOT completely avoid!) highly palatable foods which are pizza, burgers, cakes, biscuits!

Eating them occasionally or when you crave it ones in a while is completely normal.

People are so much into dieting this days,Many are forgetting that Health is not about being thin!

Food is not the only one thing to bring health!
Food doesn't make you a good or bad person!
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Its ok to have a healthy food rules especially if you have a serious health issues like diabetes or heart disease but if you are healthy individual it’s good to notice how you FEEL when you braking those rules? Guilty? ashamed? depressed?

Those feelings often bring serious imbalance in our health making daily activities difficult to do and can foster unhealthy eating behaviors!
Good relationship with food is far more important than so called “ clean eating” salad

...So Let yourself be!

Focusing on overall diet rather than one specific food group is definitely more reasonable approach, if you combine this with your favorite activities than you will achieve a lot just by those simple everyday changes.

So the bottom line is:
Forget the food Police! Any food can be a part of a healthy diet!

I am curious, how do you respond to "You cant eat that" or “ you still eat bread?” 😁

Please vote or comment to let me know that I am not just “talking to myself” here😉

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Love this post and absolutely agree with the sentiment!
I myself was eating low carb for a long time in the past, thinking it was the healthiest way to eat. Luckily for me, it didn't affect my happiness "level" too much as I found great alternatives to the typical bread, cakes etc...
BUT you are so right, low carb does not work for everyone and does not equal fat-loss, I would sometimes eat big amounts of full-fat greek yogurt and nuts, and was wondering, why my body composition didn't change :D .. Now I take a completely different approach, I try to eat "whole" foods most of the time, but enjoy some bread and other carbs and allow "junk" foods in my diet too. It is all about finding the right balance and feel satisfied, happy and healthy :)

Exactly! I also found balance with whole foods and I stoped dieting in general. I eat everything I want within reasonable amount😁

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