❤The Gratidute Challenge❤-- Everyone have their own story

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Hey Guys
This is me Minhaz.
How are you all?Hope you all are Fine.
I am also Fine.
You all know that i like to participate in contest. And i love to do this in steemit platform.
You can say this is also something like that.
This is an another initiative taken by @theycallmedan
The Topic is : The Gratidute Challenge
I am now going to participate in that.
Here is the announcement post link
Again i saw a new thing similar with this topic from @shadowspub blog and that was about "Thoughtfuldailypost"


I started my steemit journey in April,2018.
Though i forgot my previous account password,then i open this account on July.Today is maybe 363 days of creating my account. I had created this account by waiting for 2 weeks.
I was new in that time. Wasn't aware what to do.But I found many native people in steemit. Then i follow them. And ask for help from them about steemit.
They help me much.By this my steemit journey start.


If you ask me,what has steemit give you?
I will say cannot explain and say all.But it helps me a lot.Firsty the most importantly it increase my English language skills.I was frequent in English.But after joining in steemit, uploading daily blogs, reading others blogs, communicating in discord in English language,it increase my English language skills.I am very much thankful for this.

Again I haven't withdraw much money from steemit yet .I just do mobile recharge with this money. And i am just keeping them,for doing a big investment in future.Though i have bought this headphone,by the money i get from steemit.

I have got a lot friends by using steemit.After coming in steemit i have reduce using Facebook. though i was a Facebook addictior.


I want to challenge to them for doing this challenge: @ashikstd @syedshakil @akomoajong

It was for now.If i have done any mistake, don't hesitate to tell me that.
Thanks for stopping by @minhaz007

TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ

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Certainly appreciate you using my #thoughtfuldailypost tag... it does go wonderfully with the #gratitudechallenge... It is good to see that you were able to get past losing one account, but continuing with another... that is one mindset of being thoughtful... never giving up! Also... wonderful that you you show your gratitude to all those that have helped you come this far. Engagement is quite important here... and really... how else are we to learn about each other... right?

Now let me touch upon something briefly:

It was for now. If i have done any mistake, don't hesitate to tell me that.

Not a mistake, but rather... let's be sure you are providing the awesome content, that I know you can. I am a Moderator for the @steemterminal Discord Group... we provide many different things; beneficial information and help, resources and tools to help you provide positive content on the blockchain... many different things. One of the MOST important things we can do, is provide proper Source and Citation...

When we share a photograph, or perhaps... information, that was created by someone else, we need to give proper credit. Conversely... even if the photographs are yours, it is ALWAYS a good idea to state so; this keeps YOUR hard work intact. A simple, "All photographs and Graphics created by me, unless otherwise noted" at the end of your post...

This is in NO way downing you, or saying your post wasn't AWESOME, because it was! I just want to amplify your awesome! If you are curious about the information I have provided, or would like to take a closer look at the plethora of information and good vibes we have at the #SteemTerminal, I will leave a link so you can come and see what I am talking about.

Thank you again for being a part of my #thoughtfuldailypost initiative!!


Thanks for your nice words

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I have challenge you,do it

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Nice to read your steemitstory!

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Finally people will read my blog

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I read Maybe 50% of your posts But not Always comment 😁. Like to follow your journey with SM

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Sm is love.But i wanted to do Gratidute too, that's why i upload it. Why don't you participate too

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In that contest? Well Some weeks I have to focus at My work and Only write short posts. Time...

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Same like me😅

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