Surprises Are Here, As Expected!

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This is why I love football; the unpredictability of it with jaw dropping moments, without leaving out spectacular goals.

I watched Dortmund with Barcelona match and I can say that Dortmund played impressively. They were so unlucky not to have won on the night. They played with more determination and zeal. They were clearly ready for the upset. They wanted it more. It wasn't until late into the game before Barcelona made their dominance known. They were without their talisman though - Messi and he had to be introduced as a second half substitute.

Marco Reus was so unlucky in front of goal as he squandered chances upon chances and most notably the penalty that was saved by Ter Ste Gen. He did everything to make it right but it wasn't just his night. Lionel Messi could habe won it right at the dead too but he was caught and the play went out. The final whistle came. Dortmund would feel hard done by and more so, Reus.

The young guns of Ajax picked off from where they left off last season when they dispatched Lille by 3 goals without response. Lyon drew 1-1 with Zenith, just as Inter Milan drew by the same score line with Slavia Praha. Lukaku could have won it right at the end if not for the brilliance of the goal keeper.

The shock of the night, personally though came when Napoli beat the reigning champion; Liverpool by 2 goals to nothing even though there was an issue surrounding the penalty call in favour of Napoli.

Chelsea were also beaten by Valencia while Ross Barkley could have snatched a draw in the 86th minute when he couldn't convert his penalty.

It's going to get more interesting, I am sure.

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