We Have A Community For #thoughtfuldailypost On 'Marlians.com'. Add '#marlians' To Your 'thoughtfuldaily Posts' And You Can Earn MARLIANS & STEEM/SBD.

#thoughtfuldailypost allows you to 'mine your human' each day. 'Relegate reservations' and publish a post composed entirely of your thoughts. Yes, tell us 'what is on your mind'. For this art, you can now earn MARLIANS along with STEEM/SBD. In some cases, you can earn some SHADE
Simply add in '#marlians' among your tags using any steem condenser, for your '#thoughtfuldailypost posts' to appear on 'marlians.com' or 'post to steem directly via marlians.com' and you can earn some MARLIANS. Where you can't publish a post, do well to powerup MARLIANS and spend time on 'marlians.com' to curate #thoughtfuldailypost. Marlians.com is a 'home'; a 'real home' and it is yours. Let's move together! For help, contact these 'certified' uloggers; @wesphilbin, @shadowspub, @thekittygirl or @enginewitty here! You too can oversee a community. Get 'certified' by completing these 4 simple-steps

You will find the quoted-words above on 'https://www.marlians.com/created/thoughtfuldailypost', a small community on 'marlians.com' focused on curating #thoughtfuldailypost' . 

Thus, we invite all '#thoughtfuldailypost authors' to add in '#marlians' as one of their tags. The addition of '#marlians' to such posts, allows your posts to appear also on 'marlians.com', enabling you to earn some MARLIANS along with STEEM/SBD.

So far, we have given some MARLIANS-stake to @wesphilbin, @shadowspub, @thekittygirl, @enginewitty; 'a collective stake of '14,500 MARLIANS', to enhance their '#thoughtfuldailypost' curation-efforts. 

In summary, where you add in #marlians to your #thoughtfuldailypost posts, you can earn STEEM/SBD and some MARLIANS too and this has been the case as seen below:

Note: We are currently working on some automation-tools to enhance our curation efforts. We are creating a 'home' on marlians.com for the entire internet; a family that moves together. Thus, we will be looking to share 'even our limited resources' with our users, focusing primarily on 'certified' users.

Special NOTE

Serious 'certified users' who have existing communities, 'communities of interest' or want to start our fresh communities, can always contact me on this discord server (@surpassinggoogle#1660) for help to start.

With 'certified' users, we move together and share 'even limited resources' both 'on steem' and 'outside of steem'. Once your 'communities' are flourishing and you want to upgrade to building an enterprise, we will help further, referencing you to steemgiggers who can help (even for free) and where you need developers, we will help further with an entire enterprise called 'macrohard.pro'.  

Let's grow together.

READ our colorlesspaper here, and learn more about our plans for 'certified' users. 

When Should I Use The #marlians tag?

We welcome and support 'all content-type' and 'all locations'. We value each human.

We are also about "uniting communities". This means that we will welcome and support content from other steem tribes and this is already in motion. 

We are a home and a close-knit family 'moving together' and this means that we will share "even our limited resources". To this effect, we are evolving a portfolio in 'steem-tribes-stake' that we use to curate 'content from other tribes' found on 'marlians.com' and our portfolio currently looks like this:

Your Boy Terry


Get Certified

First 1000 certified uloggers will get 50 MARLIANS. This aside other ongoing drops.

Steps 1: Send '5 STEEM' to '@marlians' with this memo; '1 month certification'

Step 2: Do a 'ulog' via 'marlians.com' discussing the process of 'how you became a certified ulogger'. Make sure to use '#ulog'. 

Step 3: Subscribe to 'UloggersTV YouTube'. 

Step 4: Fill up this google form

If you desire, you can DM '@surpassinggoogle#1660' on discord when you are done with the steps, to hasten the process.

Note: Where you get certified now, your payment ("one month certification") hasn't started counting yet but you will already be 'certified'. This is a bonus. We will notify you when "the one month" starts counting (after we have setup our automation-tools). 

See our list of 'certified uloggers' on 'https://ulogs.org/discover'  

To Get Some 'MARLIANS'

Here are the steps:  

  • Visit 'https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=MARLIANS' and login using the keychain extension or directly using your private posting key.
  • Click on the 'DEPOSIT' button to deposit STEEM. Note that you can also deposit BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS etc with steem-engine.
  • Go on to buy some MARLIANS.

Kindly subscribe to UloggersTV on YouTube

Kindly vote on the 'steemgigs' witness

If you can translate this post into other languages, feel free to do so. You can also show me on discord, so that i can resteem it.
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Once again, truly appreciate your support, and shout-out for my #thoughtfuldailypost movement. Certainly NEVER thought it would be carrying on as it is, but certainly makes me happy that others are sharing their positive and thoughtful energy.

#thoughtfuldailypost allows you to 'mine your human' each day. 'Relegate reservations' and publish a post composed entirely of your thoughts. Yes, tell us 'what is on your mind'. For this art, you can now earn MARLIANS along with STEEM/SBD. In some cases, you can earn some SHADE.

Yes indeed, @shadowspub truly is a wonderful person, and great friend, who was sponsoring my #thoughtfuldailypost in July. Conversely, you can see my creation post below for the full mindset of my #tdp movement:


Thanks again my friend!


After that post that hit trending from lassecash, may want to rethink your stake there. Looking good tho otherwise👍

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@surpassinggoogle, It's always important to speak our mind and we never know which thought will going to inspire whom. Our thoughts can prove as great energy booster for sure. Great to see that on Marlians every aspect have a place.

Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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