How can I delegate MARLIANS???

in marlians •  3 months ago 

General question I did not see the button on that line of my Steem-Engine wallet, or the Marlians wallet.

Got some BIG PLANS, starting to HODL and I have a large group of fellow HODLers looking to do the same :D

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Thats ben a complaint I have had... I had small tokens that I sold and they still show up in my steemengine wallet as zero balance. They never go away!!

So, we should expect a Spinvest-marlians version coming soon.

DING! DING! DINGGG!!! (dong)

Winner-Winner, Kerris 💋
If they allow it that is...

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well may be from the steemengine website

Tried it BLAZE
No Dice yet...

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If it’s not enabled by the tribe, then you cannot delegate.

Thanks Cap'n Obvious 🤣
Really tho, I was thinking they had a block on
newbs doing DELI. @surpassinggoogle was a
YUGE Deli King, back in the day 👍💪👍

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