The steps I have taken so far regarding Ogun steem meetup 2019, I have reached some reputable steemians and checked a hall.

I posted last week about my plans for Ogun state meetup 2019. I haven't given any update after that post but I have been upon it. @pennsif advised that I keep the meet up simple and I have agreed. I will keep it simple!

These are the steps I have taken so far and some reputable steemians I have reached

I have reached out to @bait002, he'll be speaking at the meetup.

@valchiz will also be there to speak. I have reached out to him.

I haven't been able to reach @k-banti but I hope to have him attend the meetup, and not only to attend but also to speak.

I have gone to check out a hall suitable for the meetup and at an affordable amount.

We are still contemplating on the exact date for the convenience of everyone. As soon as the date is concluded, I'll be posting the banner!

I am not financially buoyant to announce a meetup as it is, but my passion for Steem wouldn't let me keep silent. My target is to get in more new steemians through the meetup. And also to get some students of the Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Thanks to everyone who cares, I hope to have your support! I'm keeping it simple because of how buoyant I am at the moment.

Help us make the meetup real.

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Good work!

Thank you very much...

Please keep me updated

Thanks brother, i will...