Merry Christmas: Why We Have To Celebrate The Birth Of Christ

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If you dont celebrate the birth of Christ, it therefore means that u dont believe that Jesus was conceived by the holy spirit and born by a virgin.
Since you feel 25th Dec. is a false date to celebrate the birth of Christ, could you plz give us the accurate date for the birth anniversary? Lol
Plz let me be very clear here, i'm not disputing the fact that 25th is not a false date, it is! This is due to the fact that,His birth date is not stated in the bible, and i am not also saying you are not entitled to your own belief and doctrine; but then dont you think it is somehow for to completely ignore such a great day, without picking out a day to celebrate Him.


You read about the prophecy, you read about the response that Mary gave to the angel, you read about the things His parents faced while he was in the womb; king Herod sending men to kill baby Jesus, you even read about the journey of the wise men,who after seeing the star went to honour him. These and many more are the signs that the king was born; and the bible went on to describe how the weather was as at the time the messiah was born.

Why cant you just celebrate this great man, that his birth bought us peace, longlife and redemption?
You dont celebrate the birth of Christ, why then celebrate the death? You may say its becuz the date and time is stated in the bible, fine!

As for me, i will always celebrate this great anniversary, be it accurate or not. Since we couldn't find the exact date, the christendom decided to pick a date to honour Him, which is today.

A merry Christmas to you all.

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