The Idea Of Wealth Is Now Better Than Wealth

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Whether we like it or not we're all stuck in this system a system where we have to work to live, bar a small percentage who happened to benefit from this planet Ponzi scheme and have sums of wealth that allow them never to have to work. In a consumerist society, the ability to flex with the things you can buy and experiences you can have are the peacocking of our species and is there show your dominance in the hierarchy.

Show me the money

So if so many peoples goals are to showcase their wealth and not attain wealth, then why go through all the trouble to achieve wealth in the first place? That is where to social clout ladden incentive lies and how people find meaning in their lives of consumerism. Having people look up to you, fawn over your every post and see you as a sort of success symbol is now the actual goal.

Who wants to be wealthy quietly with no one knowing or seeing what you're doing? I mean, how could you enjoy all your money and success if you're not showing it off to others? Does it even make it real if you don't?

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Fake it till you make it

This obsession with opulence and Instagram vanity culture has seen so many of us take short cuts to get the social clout we so richly deserve. So what do we do? We buy followers and views, We purchase products and holidays to show off what we have and attract a frivolous crowd of fans who wonder how they can leverage their credit cards to get what you have because that is happiness, that is living, that is the goal of life.

For those who are fortunate enough to have the money or lines of credit to pull it off, they become the so-called big winners, and you'd think this empty success would result in a fallout, but no it somehow doesn't. Many of these people are then propped up by the fans and brands they can now attract, and their road becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and they do attain some real wealth and success.

The perception trumps the act

We now live in a world where the idea is better than the act; we go on holidays to see the wonders of the world only for the reason of showing the world you were there and not to enjoy what it is. These destinations, these consumer goods mean less than nothing the only thing that matters is you can attain these so-called prestigious goods and visit pristine places across the world.

If the illusion is now better than reality? Isn't the illusion now our reality? No wonder so many people have mental health issues and fail to understand how the world works when they so enthralled by this smoke and mirrors we all seem to try and project online.

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Same with attractiveness. Some people are attractive in a very in-your-face way.
I'm secretly handsome. You wouldn't know it to look at me; but I'm actually incredibly good looking.

Well there’s a look for everyone I suppose and if their isn’t you better be rich and funny or both lol

It is so true. A person can honestly look unbelievably rich on Insta for $10,000. The weird thing is your general person can't tell the difference between real equity and a ball of debt. It's sad actually

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Instagram or YOuTube invest a couple of bucks in some clothes and holidays, maybe rent a car or 2, fly business class anywhere and snap picks and videos along the way and you’ll gather a following you can then monetize with brands and ads!

It’s like a really obscure ponzi system if you think about it, it’s just the money takes a little bit longer to get to you then people just dumping it straight in your account

Now that’s a brain tickler you’ve presented. The illusion has become the reality, for the most part. I think the younger people that have money are flashier than the previous generations. They’ve always been flashy for sure, but with the Instagram days we are in, people are indeed more interested in posting a picture with the destination they are in rather than shutting it off and enjoying it.

One of my dads good friends, he’s got crazy millions of dollars. He’s not flashy at all, and is part of a dying breed. He drives older cars, doesn’t wear expensive stuff and last I remember washes and dries paper plates! He grew up with nothing and worked hard for his stuff. His type of person with money is becoming increasingly rare to see.

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I think they are flasher because there is more money to go around, more things to consume, more access with the internet and a culture that is celebrated around these various abilities or levels of consumerism! It brings with it a fake sense of achievement

I think theirs a difference in those who had to work for their riches and those who either inherited it or came into easier! For example those youtubers and instagramers how many of them were poor before? No they had means and time to sit and build this following so they had a leg up already

Sweet thank you so much for the tip I’ll give it a whirl in a bit

Hope you get a vote from them! In your Steem comment, include a link to the tweet, I forgot to add.

Spot In Like Always!!!
Keep up the Awesome Wrok & have a Great Weekend!!!👍🏼😁👍🏼

Thanks glad you enjoy my rants lol i just call it how I see it really

There is also the cultural aspect to consider when examining the flaunting of wealth. For example in scandinavia flashy or arrogant displays of wealth is uncommon and frowned upon (in does get replaced though by virtue signaling and other nasty stuff). This is quite different to what is the mainstream cultural norm in the us I suppose.

I do understand that, I can’t speak for scandanavian cultures never been there and don’t know what it’s about but I’m pretty sure there’s enough westernized millennials following the whole look at my shoes, look at my travels

I think virtue signaling would also be a display of affluence since it’s more of a bourgeois ideal! The poor aren’t really worried about misappropriation of culture they tryna eat, well at least that’s what it is for me

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