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Not much to say, so I'll say it slowly.

That ominous sudden change in pressure; the silence and the waiting.

The greatest magic is not the sleight of hand but the sleight of mind. The misdirection is in being encouraged to think this thought - this one over here - not that one over there as there is no there; there is only the here and now and the construct you cannot disconnect from.

Meditation is not really about being relaxed - yes, that is a consequence - it is about being defiant against what appears to be nature itself. Detach yourself from the construct, perceive the construct as one, and you may possibly perceive the magic as just another trick of nature.

I am not saying a word about the STEEM price or HF21.

To more lucky numbers.

Our accounts remain the same as yesterday, having sold about 3510 MAPXV tokens and have a healthy ABV of 1.1 STEEM.

I said it would be slow.

Today's random prize

An almost-daily random prize of 0.01 MAPXV to one lucky member.

The winner today is... @cryptoyzzy. Congratulations!

Just to add that this will be a lucky time for some members as there are not so many individuals that are not part of the MAP FinTech family. I don't think it fair to give prizes to myself! I'm not sure why...


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