MAXUV Report: Free MAXUV Tokens & Update - 18 September 2019

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Headline today is that our Vote Value has increased significantly - please read below.

MAXUV is starting a random free tokens feature similar to MAPR.

So, every day that we post, we shall select one random existing token-holder to receive free tokens plus that winner can then also nominate a user who is not a current token-holder to receive 1 free MAXUV token.

A reminder that if you hold MAXUV tokens but have placed them up for sale, then they will not appear in your Steem Engine balance and hence you will not be eligible for any random free tokens unless you also hold some that do show in your balance.

Today's VVS is 195% in 2 upvotes on 2 posts.

We were around the 190% mark for some days, but our VVS has now increased. This is due both to increased SP and also a general drop in activity, which means our VP has been higher. We now have just under 22k in SP, hence the upvotes we can deliver per MAXUV token are higher than most users can achieve per SP.

Our aim remains to have a VVS of 150-200% for 1 upvote on 1 post per day. This will happen as we accumulate more SP through both token sales and powered up rewards.

But please note very carefully that the minimum MAXUV balance is 10 tokens; anything less is dust and under HF21 are even more worthless than before, if that's possible.

There are still some MAXUV tokens on the market at just below 1 STEEM.

So what are you waiting for?!

Go to the MAXUV market now!

So... our free random token goes to... @shadowspub !
Today's winner receives 0.18 MAXUV tokens.
The winner can also donate 1 MAXUV to a user who does not already hold tokens.
You can check the list of current MAXUV token holders on Steem Engine Block Explorer.

Till next time!

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So for the chance at the random Up Vote I need to have 10 MAXUV?

minimum MAXUV balance is 10

Hi, funnily, I just clarified that in the new post about to be uploaded.

Just 1 MAXUV will make one eligible for the random prizes. This means members gain some benefit as they accumulate.


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