My entry to the #monomad challenge

in monomad •  7 months ago 


I took this photo at the Amsterdam Winter Paradise on the last weeks of december...

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Beautiful Photography @lion200

Classic! Black & White never goes out of style.

Happy, Healthy, & Sweet New Year 2020. :)

Thanks a lot!
Happy new year to you too :)

Thank You! lion200

Yesterday, I did a test, and I really want to be active again in @steemit but here are many negative users that they love downvote others, for example, this account @dufbes?

This account @dufbes it has not contributed anything in @steemit but apparently loves to downvote?

Some people have a square and ancient mind for this reason they never progress!

Have a lovely day @lion200

I hope one-day @steemit chance, and those losers disappear forever. :)

Yeah, there are some accounts I never heard of which downvote my posts too.

Just ignore them and post what you like to post ;)

Have fun!

Thank you! :) @lion200

Some users here in @steemit they are very negative, and they believe that with their actions they bother us... I really don't have any feelings for them, they waste their time. And time is precious in my case , for example I invest my time in beautiful, positive activities for the present moment, and the future.

The time is gold! :)

Anyways, Steem on... And much success in 2020. :)

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