Furry Chinchillas

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Once upon a time there was a young lady who received a baby chinchilla as a birthday gift from a friend where the two coeds attended college together. The young lady's birthday happened to be on Cinco de Mayo (May 5) so she named her new pet Nacho. Seemed fitting.

Fast forward several years...The young lady graduated from college, got a "grownup" job, and expanded her pet family by adopting a second chinchilla from a rescue group. The second one she named Jalapeño. Nacho and Jalapeño. The young lady had to transport the pair of chinchillas in her car when she visited from Texas because they had to be in a climate not exceeding 78°F. If there was a summertime electric outage while she was away, the chinchillas would not survive the heat.

The young lady in the story and the owner of the furry chinchillas is my daughter.


Chinchillas can live to be 15-years-old so if you are thinking about having one as a pet, plan ahead and adopt from a rescue group as there are many in need of forever homes. #adoptdontshop



The top image is my entry to the daily #monomad challenge by @monochromes.

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Photos taken with previously owned Samsung smartphones

Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog, as I truly appreciate everyone's continued support!

Have a terrific day!

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I liked story style and photo

You're very kind! Thank you for the compliment!💫

They're adorable! Fifteen years is a long time. Things change, people grow up and get married and have kids.... well, I don't have to tell you!

I have about 4 friends with parrots, who, incidentally, have to be left in a will. No thanks.

Great shots, Niba, especially the first one! Killer shot!

Have a great day!

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Aww, they are so sweet, I did not know how long they live, 15 years, that is respectful age.

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That is some cuteness overload and I love it! Great photos and I knew where you were going with that story..lol. My sister had a couple many years ago and all I remember was them having to take dirt baths which I thought was funny to watch! 🤣 😁

Adorable little things and their names are cute. What a nice story and a happy ending for the adopted Chinchilla. Good for your daughter! Do Nacho and Jalapeno get along good? (That made me laugh after I wrote it. Of course...they are perfect together!) LOL!

Love them cute adorable furry chinchillas they look like a real nice pet to have like a little gremlin 👍

I love this!!!
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I love your photos and commentary. Sad to say, I cannot keep up on a daily basis with all the beloved #dailypetphography posts!

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Aww, you're the best!!! Thank you @pixresteemer💯

Cute enough but I bet they bite like a wolf. Look at the them... Maneaters! Lol