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Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about a film that was released many years ago, but which in my opinion is very good. I love it, I never get tired of seeing it, other than talking about what the film is about, I will tell my impressions about it.

Today I want to tell you about GLADIATOR.


This film was released in the year 2000. The history of the film happens in the year 180 after Christ; and in general tells the story of General Maximus Decimus Meridius, who leads the Roman army.


Over time this general earns the esteem of the old and sick Emperor Marcus Aurelius. who, despite having a son, called Commodus, decides that at his death it is the general who holds the temporal power until the senate of Rome finally assumes the government of the empire, since he thinks that his son will not be a ruler. But when the emperor informs Commodus of his decision, and the son assassinates him with a fit of anger and seizes power.


Commodo tries to win the loyalty of Maximus, but he does not succeed and also the general realizes what has happened, he realizes that Commodus killed the emperor. At that moment the general is betrayed by his friend, Quintus, who orders Maximus and his family to be executed. Maximus manages to get rid of his executioners and returns to his home at full speed to prevent them from killing his family, but he does not arrive in time to save his wife and son, he finds their bodies dead and suffers from that pain.

After burying the bodies, Maximus is unconscious from fatigue, pain, and an injury caused during his failed execution, at which point the slavers find him lying on the ground, who obviously grab him as if he were property. The slavers sell it to a man named Proximus, this man forces Maximus and the rest of his slaves to fight like gladiators in the sand.


Meanwhile, in Rome, Commodus is crowned emperor and orders several months of gladiatorial games and fights to begin in the Roman Coliseum. Meanwhile, Maximus proves to be a fierce gladiator, a good leader, skilled in combat. Due to his success in Combate Proximus he decides to take Máximo and the rest of the slaves to the Colosseum in Rome, to fight fighting in a recreation of the battle of Zama. Maximus hides his face with a steel mask. That recreation Maximus and the rest of the slaves were supposed to lose.

But Maximus leads his comrades in combat and achieves an unexpected victory with which they win over the public of the Colosseum, and as such the public begs for the life of Maximus and his companions. At this point, Commodus descends into the combat arena to meet the fighters and orders the leading gladiator (Maximus) to remove his mask and reveal his identity. This discovers his face, and says: "My name is Maximus Deximus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, general of the Felix Legions, loyal servant of the true emperor Marcus Aurelius, father of a murdered son, husband of a murdered woman, and I will achieve my revenge in this life or in the other".

(I would go so far as to say that one of the most epic moments of the film is the presentation of Maximo in the sand and his dialogue, it is impressive!). I share this scene for you to see.


Over time Maximus continues to fight and becomes more popular with the public, this frustrates Commodus. On the other hand, Maximu's former servant, Cicero, contacts him and tells him that his army is still faithful to him.

At that moment Maximus begins to conspire against Commodus with the help of his sister, Lucilla, who has always been in love with Maximus, and Senator Graco, who also wishes to overthrow and kill the emperor. However, Commodus suspects the plans that Maximus and the rest have, so he threatens to kill her with killing his son if he does not reveal the entire conspiracy to him. During Maximus escape attempt, the Emperor's Guard assassinates Maximus and Maximu's fellow gladiators. But there are survivors, who are imprisoned, Maximus manages to reach the city walls through tunnels. There he discovers that he has fallen into a trap.

Desperate to end Maximu's life and demonstrate his greatness and power; Commodus to prepare a combat in the Colosseum against the popular gladiator, that is to say the emperor against the popular gladiator Maximus. Before starting the emperor stabs Máximo in the back, to have a certain advantage at the time of the duel. Despite being badly wounded, Maximus manages to disarm the emperor, who desperately asks Quintus, chief of his guard, for a sword. He refuses to give it to her and orders his men to do the same. Commodus by despair and in view of the fact that his own guards were not helping him, he then takes out a knife that was hidden under his armor, but despite this Maximus, manages to hold Comodo's arm, and nails the emperor in the He threw his own knife, finally killing the emperor.

The dying Maximus, bled to death by the stabbing previously caused by Commodus and the fatigue of combat, has a vision of his family in the afterlife. Next, Quintus pronounces his name, and at that moment Maximus asks as his last wish that they liberate his men, and that Senator Graco be restored to power, then he remembers the words of the emperor Marcus Aurelius about the greatness of Rome. He then collapses in the sand to finally die and join his family.

I will tell you that the moment of despair in the battle between Commodus and Maximus is impressive here I leave the scene for you to see.


I also leave the trailer for the film in case you are interested:


Personally I love this movie, I like the story, how epic the scenes look, the background music, the good interpretations of the characters. I think it's a good movie, with a very good story!. I recommend that you watch it! It is one of my favorite movies. ❤️

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