The Reboots Will Continue Until Morale Improves

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Hey Jessmovie buffs

I have yet to see the Rise of Skywalker but judging by the amount of hate it's getting I think I can give it a miss. I often take time out to watch a movie or too because I expect to be entertained for two hours and give my mind something to drift away with, which is what a movie is supposed to do.

You can't put a price on a good story, and the creative execution. But Hollywood has tried to take it down to necessary numbers. It's all about box office performance and nothing else.

Instead of trying to give us new characters to get behind, the explore their ideas, to explore new worlds and concepts it has been nothing but rehashes, reboots and franchise building for the last few years.

I think its safe to say that Hollywood has run out of ideas.

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What's at the box office?

If you plan on seeing a movie its either some B grade cannon fodder that's pushed to give you the illusion that you have any selection and helps prop up one of the following

  • Hard reboot of a classic IP or even moderately successful IP
  • Video game now turned into a movie
  • Comic book movie
  • Soft reboot of a classic IP because the previous reboot didn't do so well
  • Gender flip of a classic IP
  • Reboot of an excellent story but with brown and black folk and maybe an LBGT representative

Apart from the comic book movies that have seemed to gain traction with audiences seeing their favourite characters on the big screen and has yet to fatigue, the other formulas have performed pretty dismally.

Yet, they continue to persist with it because the nostalgia and affordability of rebooting an old IP to profit on a shitty product are still worth it. The reason they keep doing it was that it made financial sense, but its slowly starting to crumble as fans are beginning to vote with their feet.

Maybe of the woke reboots like the last Charlies Angles and Men in Black failed miserably, Rise of the Skywalker is dubbed the worst of the 9 episodes and the latest Terminator was universally panned. I mean the last one to this one was already hot garbage but okay, tool you some time to get it, but you finally got there.

Movies lack imagination

Instead of trying to entertain us, bring us real talking points, some in-depth social commentary (apart from the Joker movie) movies have become so pedestrian and formulaic that it's downright predictable. I don't even know how movie review YouTubers have enough content anymore.

Reviewers and critics are essentially repeating themselves over and over with the same complaints from another franchise. The funny thing is they will openly admit and compare the failures of these various films, and it's quite sad.

The whole point of reviewers is to break down films and give you their view or pick up things you may have missed and given the movie more context or even some fan theory, but they've had very little to work with of late.

Why pay when you can pirate

It’s genuinely worrisome to think that Hollywood values the money brought in by the content created rather than the actual storyline and quality of the material, but that’s become a common fear.

This formulaic approach and focus on numbers can only lead to one thing: a decline in the industry. Why would I want to see a movie on the big screen and shell out cash to have an experience when I know it's going to be pretty much the same.

I can wait till it does the rounds and come to streaming services or TV and watch it then. It's not like these movies are generating the hype it used to where people would bring up watching it first, and it would be the talking point of many conversations.

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I think the audience looking for greater character development and more dense, complex storylines, are opting for multi-season TV series on streaming services instead.
There's only so much story you can tell in 120 mins.
I just watched 3 seasons of Get Shorty, with Chris O'Dowd, on Stan. (A streaming service here in Australia). So much better than any movie I've seen recently.
Think how passionately people feel about Breaking Bad; Sons of Anarchy, Game of thrones.
Movies have become the magazines of screen entertainment.

Oh I agree that audiences are looking for something more and series is a better form for story telling with streaming sites it makes it even easier for users to enjoy a longer story on their own time!

But I still think these movies are being made for as wide an audience as possible so kids and China lol, several actors and directors have openly admitted it too.

There can’t be much depth if your audience is everyone

It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.

I don’t take the movie critic assholes seriously. I’ve read some reviews of movies those posh pricks have horrible scores to and genuinely enjoyed them. People love to give negative reviews just because.

I’ve been on a movie kick lately, it feels great. I just watched the very weird Tom cruise mummy movie last night, I couldn’t understand the weird combination of crap going on like having dr. Jekyll in it lol it wasn’t terrible, just weird.

I also finished guardians of the galaxy, doctor strange and thor ragnaerok. Got some of the movies down that I’ve been waiting to see lol

I don’t take critics seriously either they’re either snobbish, have An agenda or are paid shills so you can’t really trust what they say! I do like to read user reviews they tend to be more up my alley and hit the mark most times

Damn you really meant it when you said you’re going to catch up on some movies

Yes I agree the mummy was weird but it was then trying to start the dark universe like Marvel did but with classic monsters, it started with Dracula untold then they tried to restart it with the mummy but fans just didn’t take to it

I did enjoy doctor strange and Ragnorok but I think the formula is getting tired now I need something new! Like I enjoyed the Irishman even though it was long and a few things I didn’t agree with at least it was something diffrent

I heard about the Irishman but don’t you need a subscript to something to watch it? In January my goal is to finish game of thrones lol I haven’t watched it since Jon snow got stabbed so I’m behind a bit.

Yeah you need Netflix but you can stream it on any of the popular pirating sites just fine ive moved back their since the subscriptions don’t offer value for money

Lol you in for a treat looks like you have tons of great TV and movies to catch up on this holiday

I'll hit you up on discord for your preference for site to access, the one I used 1) I forget the website, 2) last I used it, it was junk and getting worse, couldn't even complete an episode of game of thrones anymore.

Hi. I agree with you about Hollywood. Especially the fact that they do try to present remakes as originals. Take for example The Revenant. Seconds into the movie, I knew this was a remake from an old story I'd seen 15 years before. I may not remember an entire movie, but certain scenes stick with me. I kept seeing another much older actor's face, when I finally remembered it.

And the reruns of B-rated movies and actors just make me shudder. I rarely watch moves any more..

I didn’t know the revenant was a remake I loved that movie I know it was based on a book! The acting, visuals and story were amazing though

I’m a movie lover but even I’ve started to become picky now with most of these movies being a rinse and repeat

Yeah, you are right on that... and don't forget:

  • Asian Horror movies remade by Hollywood over and over again;
  • Hollywood movies being sold as if they are original ideas, when they are remakes from European movies from the 60's. 😁

LOL yes and anime they also love failing at transitioning anime into live action movies

If you can hook a brother up with some cool suggestions of europeans movies I’d be keen to check them out


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