The Edgeless Movie, What A Crazy Thing

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The Plot: Brothers Aaron and Justin fled the sect 10 years ago. The media publicized the case, and Elder Justin revealed the details of community life, circumcision as one of the practices, and finally the fact that members believe in aliens, and finally plan collective suicide. But after a decade of "normal" life, the younger brother begins to miss the old place, especially after receiving a video cassette, on which a colleague from the sect, Anna, ensures that everyone is alive and happy. The men decide to visit the camp and close this chapter in their lives

Okay so i will try to make this spoiler free. I got a movie from my buddy called Endless.
Since we both like WTF ones he said its one of the kind.

Action was slow, nothing going on till.. BANG.

Since in the very start of movie there was a cite from Lovecraft which i already heard of i knew the movies needs to have some connections to that universe. After finishing it i went for explanations to make sure.. Found out the movie has connection to another movie from 5 years before.

Then if you digg, its all below books of Lovecraft.

Right now we are in rabbit hole searching for stuff.

Any of you know how to get easily into Lovecraft with movies/or tvshows not reading the old books?

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Edgeless Movie?

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