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Last night I listened to the concert @innerblocks Discord by one of our staff members in steemterminal @joseacabrerav the music, lirycs and sound was really nice. I hope we get to listen again soon. It was late last night so I didn’t listen to the whole concert.

When I woke up today I thought about a challange I did months ago and involves music aswell. #nameyourbestduet I know a lot off you love a good piece of music so come on @verhp11 @jaynie @s3rg3 @bengy and so many others.

Micheal Bublé and Laura pausini have a great one made that whenever I am in Italy I always hear this song while I am there.

Offcourse there are so many others like some Dutch cooperations.




So many to choose from, so #nameyourbestduet in the comments now, and I will blog to you later.

Thank you for stopping by, its highly appreciated, and please let me know your vision on steemit life in general.

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My entry:

One call away Smule Collab with Charlie Puth and Sophiya Khailla. Khailla as we call her is a special child and our neighbor in Olongapo City. She was delivered healthy but on her 9th month caught a severe sickness that damaged her both eyes. When we left that City, she was studying at a school for children with disabilities. Then, just last month she pm me on messenger that she have a YouTube Channel because she loves to sing. Happy to view her Channel.

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This is soooo special wow, I don't have Smule but saw it on Instagram and I wanted to but I am to shy! But this is so sweet to nominate I go to your latest blog and if it’s within payout I am upvoting thank you again

Thank you @brittandjosie

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I love Calum Scott and Leona Lewis soulful Yout Are The Reason and with your new found challenge #nameyourbestduet makes a lot of steemians flocks in here and may find steemit life more interesting.

WOW WOW I love Leona Lewis and I didn’t know this diet. Thank you for this comment I am going to your last blog and upvote

There are many talented independent musicians in the STEEM blockchain who regularly collaborate and although most are usually one artist creating the music and another singing there are a few duets.

However there is one that stands out by @peter-ella featuring Ray Jenkins - "Angel Eyes".

Earn ATOM tokens listening to independent music on

What a great tip! ATOM never heard of it before Going to share this in discord thanx
Oh and @peter-Ella haven’t blogged in three months unfortunately

I also love duets) And even I sing ... but I’ll post the video to the blog a bit later if I find a recording from the concert that took place on October 19)))

Hello @brittandjosie, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

This is a great idea! And I remember so many great duets, like Endless Love with Lionel Richie and Diana Ross; Where you are with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. But I'm gonna share one of my favorites ballads from the 90's. One sweet day by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men:

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I just love this song originally sang by Naval. This song sang by David Demuzio duet by a local Filipino. I love how he sang a Filipino song.
The meaning is so interesting base to my life.

Thank you. So muvh @brittandjosie

I couldn’t download the video so I went to YouTube thanks for the share am going to your last blog and upvote 😉

Hi there @brittandjosie thanks for hosting this challenge, and I would like to bring my friends @olivia08 @meetmysuperego @travelsbyblue @sarimanok @jurich60 @dizzyapple @diosarich @g10a @blessedsteemer @mers @ankarlie @fycee and a lot more, to join in.
I have found this song very timely because I was also watching some vids at youtube and Way Back Into Love by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore was just right there in my nose, lol!

Ahhhwww that’s so sweet , drew singing with Hugh that one I never knew. Thanks for this great share I am going to your last blog and upvote 😉 @otom

I love this one

Thank you for tagging me. I wanna share the best duet.

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