A New Rap Contest in Collaboration with Daorecords and TYGS | Mint Barz

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Salute Steemians!
Today I would like to share with you a dope contest with a nice rewards especially to those who's into rap music and can spit some rhymes, @Daorecords and @tygs are kicking off the new battle series with 'Mint Barz'

Mint Barz is a "freeverse" competition open to emcees from around the world.

When you participate in this unique global rap competition you stand the chance to be selected for an official DAOrecords “Mint Barz” release, plus all the dope things that come with winning.

Entry Details:

  • Open to anyone around the world in any language
  • Use the Beat provided below & write your 16 bar verse
  • Record a video of yourself rapping your original "Freeverse"
  • Post your recording to your Instagram or Twitter account profile page
  • Tag #MintBarz #TYGSOfficial #DAOrecords
  • AFTER POSTING fill in this – Entry Form

Need more answers? Read the FAQ

Submission Deadline is 11th March 2020

Beat is produced by DJ Lethal Skillz exclusively for DAOrecords

More details are available on the original post, which we urge you to check out!

Good luck and we look forward to your entries!

Check out the full official post from @Daorecords on

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