Bella Italia Disco Tuesday Sounds

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Disco Tuesday

Let us join forces to dance to lovely Italian songs today - Disco Tuesday welcomes all of you music dancers around the world. Use the tag and show your local and international disco dance songs.

Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita

I love this one from Ryan Paris - aDolce Vita - an epic 80ies Song Hit - probably one of the most successful Italo Pop Songs internationally!

Righeira - Vamos a la playa

Even the song sounds Spanish it is from Bella Italia - recorded by Italian duo Righeira in 1983. The song was composed by Stefano Righi together with Carmelo la Bionda and became one of the Sumemr Suoer Chart Breakers in Europe - still played everywhere around summer.

Gazebo - Lunatic

Gazebo - another of the awesome 1980ies Italan Disco project! Gazebo was born as Paul Mazzolini and still has a legend status among fans of the Italo disco music style, a variation of 1980s Euro disco.

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2 ehemalige Lieblingslieder von mir. Und das untere mag ich heute sehr. Fast so gut wie I like Chopin.