Techno Friday from the Ukraine

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Techno Friday Tunes with a female DJ

Hey CreativeCoin guys - here is a lovely Techno Friday / Dance Weekend contribution with the gorgeous and talented Marika Rossa from Ukraine who is also playing on major European events. she is considered as one of the most extraordinary representatives of Ukrainian dance music.

Apart from Live DJing Marika is also producing and remixing e.g. on the following labels: DSR Digital, Dolma Records, Italo Business, Crunch Control, Audio Elite, Naughty Pills, Naked Lunch and Elektrax Recordings. Her own label is called "Fresh Cut". Let me know your thoughts about her mixes - I love it her style and appearances.

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To add - a live giant and one of the girls that are able to mix

Music? Oh yes, sorry, I was distracted there for a moment... 😁