Cheeky DnB Freebie for "Old Time's" Sake - Life Remix

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Who's "Old Time" ?

Oh hahaha, you're so FUNNY!

Many moons ago (7 years and beyond) when I was part of a label called AirPlus Recordings which I still have fond memories of, I became friends with a music producer called "Vague Illusion". He changed his alias to "Heading South" but this South African DnB phenom made a belter of a track called "Life" - I wasn't expecting to find it again but thankfully, he still has it on his Soundcloud page - 7 years on and that intro still has my hands up.


When I first heard this one, I was blown away, such good vibes in it, I loved the space theme and the notion that life is just flowing on by. The vocals kicked in and it reminded me a little bit of Pendulum in the glory days and I just wanted to rave again! Here's the original with a filthy bassline, get your hands up:


A couple of weeks before this one was due for release, Ed reached out and asked if I wanted to remix it and I was really honoured he reached out. I wanted to keep the energy from the original but added a slightly more chilled vibe to it, modified the bassline and switched a few bits and bobs around, this is the result from 7 years ago. Brings me right back!

New Lick of Paint?

If you've been listening to some of my newer tracks, you'll probably notice that the production quality is a little cleaner. Not surprising as I was still pretty new to the game back then and didn't really know too much about production but I would love to get back to this one, maybe do a 2020 edit, extend it a bit for DJ mixes and relive those glory days when things were a lot simpler!

I hope you enjoy, free download should be available via the soundcloud embed players above, just click the down arrow, top right, and the remix is yours :)


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Great mix! It's still early here and I was looking for something to keep me awake. This one definitely got me moving!

Thanks man! Glad to hear it gave you an energy boost! I might need one to help get me through the next week seeing as I'm going to have some post wedding blues after my brother got married this weekend!

I'll try and get a full report going this week :)