Havey's Final Release in 2019 And It's Not DnB...?

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You Heard It!

I know, crazy times going on right now! How is it even December already? I feel like the year has only just begun! Alas, they say time flies when you're having fun and it's really been a fun year with the travelling escapades around Australia and New Zealand, starting a new job that I'm really enjoying now AND being Best Man at my brother's wedding last weekend (I'll have more on that in a couple of blogs time)!

Artwork done by Winkandwoo

If I had a time machine, then I'd definitely want to revisit this year as it's been one of the best, along with 2015... funny that seeing as I traveled for 3 months in both these years! But did I say Time Machine? Goodness me, it's as though these blogs write themselves because...

Time Machine

...is the name of my final release in 2019! Pah! What ARE the chances?! :D But why isn't it Drum & Bass? What even is it? Let me tell you!

Arriving At The "House"

So a few months ago, myself and a few legends from the Electronic Music Alliance community decided to go out of our comfort zones a little bit and enter a music contest that randomly changed its genres each week. The first week was "Deep House" and so I needed a little bit of help figuring out what it was - thanks to Skaarl, Bufinjer and DaveyHub to get the ball rolling on my research.

I don't mind the chilled out sounds and I do like listening to other genres of music other than DnB (if it's good, it's good right?) but actually producing something that isn't DnB was very foreign - 125BPM? What!

Artwork for New Dawn
(Photo from Great Ocean Walk, Australia 2019)

YouTube tutorials, music sheets and a few tips later, I created an instrumental called "New Dawn", which finished 2nd in that music contest - happy days! However, it wasn't until a couple of days later when the beastly music producer and male vocalist, Winkandwoo, digitally tapped my shoulder and asked if he could provide some vocals over the top of it.

What an honour! Of course he can and what he came back with was IN-CRED-IBLE! He completely transformed the track, got rid of that ridiculous name "New Dawn" and gave it the name "Time Machine". The final thing that we needed was to get this mastered by the wizards at Audio Animals and well, they never disappoint. Want to hear the final result? Of course you do! Here's the track in full from Winkandwoo's Soundcloud page where it's damn near impossible to comment on with the incredible feedback from our fans:

Release Information

We're delighted to say that Time Machine is getting released on Electronic Alliance Records on 6th December 2019. We have submitted it to Spotify Editorial playlists where we hope it will be added to a playlist with a following of hundreds of thousands of listeners and it's off to BBC Introducing too! Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Nicky and Winkandwoo


If the future calls to you
When you're in the present time
You can move towards the path
It doesn't even matter if you meet the contrast

Let's go back
To forgotten dreams
Take me back
In your Time Machine

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That's an awesome tune! The vocals do help bump it up a notch, but it's certainly terrific to begin with. Great way to round out the year!


Thanks a lot man! Yea ending on a high! I've got an EP coming up in April and some experimental tracks I've been working on, Always good to try new things out hey!

Hey @nickyhavey, here is a little bit of BEER from @wwwiebe for you. Enjoy it!

Join Steem Power Up Day at the 1. of December and power up BEER

Nicely worked not really my cupper but a good chilling tune 💯🐒

Don't you worry mate, I've got some more of the usual drum and bass tuneage coming up in 2020 so once this release has passed, I'll be posting more about those.

Thanks for checking out Time Machine. BBC introducing had a listen but not heard any more about it getting air time yet. One can hope hey!

How's it going with you mate? All good?

Hey good work hop you hear back soon! All good here struggling to post at mo as my spare comp with all my photos is not working. Trying to fix it in between life but not succeeding as of yet.

Keep them coming 💯🐒