I believe in love

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I don't often talk about working on set of films and music videos but it is a huge passion of mine. Some people like to go to the beach, some like to play video games. Me, I love being a part of a creation. This song by Jamaican artiste Alex and Busy Signal called "I Believe in love" was an absolute joy to work on.

The role I played in this production was that of Assistant Director. I like this role a lot because it is sort of a gatekeeper role. You are the director's bodyguard basically both physically and conceptually, meaning you have to ensure the director isn't being bothered or distracted too much by persons on set wanting to talk to him all the time and you have to make sure his vision works. Whatever is in the way of him getting what he wants you have to tackle it like a linebacker. The only obstacle that I could not overcome was his phone. It's as if the phone were the 1st AD and I was the 2nd. If I could have thrown it in the sea I would have thrown it in the sea but then I wouldn't have a job.


Either way the director and cinematographer, a very talented young lad named Wentworth " Axis" Kelly, one of the founders of Ikon Media (and hopefully still my friend after he reads that bit about the phone) did a pretty good job with this music video. The entire team actually, from casting to location, wardrobe, shots angles, colour grading, you name it. P.S. this was shot on location in Kingston and Portmore in St. Catherine. The Hellshire side. Yeh Boooyyy!

So what's it about? Well this Dancehall Reggae mix infused with Trinidadian steel pans and a sprinkle of Soca vibe is like the title says about believing in love whether as a married couple, children playing and grandparents caring. Love is the answer to fix all problems. If you believe in it at least.

I don't want to give away too much because you can just listen to it, it's right there at the end of the article. Hey, wait where you going. Finish the article first. Anyway, this song tackles rekindling love as a married couple on the rocks as well as appreciating the love around us in humanity. If you don't believe in love, the beat alone is something to rock to.

Now, before you rock to the music video, ask yourself, is love in your relationships? Whether with family, friends or your intimate partner. What will it take to believe?

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Nice post,video and message 😃
What are the estimated costs for a video production like this in Jamaica?

Great question. It really varies. On average you are looking at US$1,000 per minute give or take $500. Videos like this I have seen done for would $1,200 to $3,500. It all depends on what you want in the video. With this video there were a lot of logistics so we needed a decent sized team to manage the large beach location and the location we had to pay for, lots of transportation of crew, cast and equipment between Kingston and Portmore. Another video that might look just as good but shot in one location with very little logistics would cost far less.

That makes sense with the location and logistics...the more you want, the bigger the budget gotta be.
Thanks for the Info. You got a contact from your people?

Never heard this song before. I was wondering if that guy was a TOk member, but nah, that ain't him. Must be fun working on the set of videos. It is cool that you can show a behind the scenes pic.

Is love in your relationship?

Yes, but Corona and the kids testing it LOL

It's always nice to watch a music video with a good storyline. Nice creative concept.

Thanks. I will let the crew know you thought so

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