Recording of the 20-Dec-2019 HOLIDAY CONCERT 🎄

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Many thanks to José Cabrera (@joseacabrerav) and his musician friends for gracing us with a fabulous "live" Holiday Concert in the Steem Terminal discord server! The event took place Friday, 20-Dec-2019 at 9:30 pm UTC. Three hours of wonderful music was recorded, and they were still going strong long after that, making it a real party!

At the beginning of the concert, José announced: "This is not like Christmas songs, but our spirit is of Christmas so that changes all the music and puts us in a Christmas mood." And, indeed, the gathering of musicians in Venezuela, as well as the gathering of the audience in the Steem Terminal, was definitely upbeat and festive!

There was much good music — some of it original, some of it old folk songs of Venezuela, and some of it Latin American standards. There were some wonderful voices that brought these songs to us, lovely harmonies, whistling, and background drumming, to keep things lively. The laughter of the musicians between songs was a testament to how much fun they were having, and the simultaneous text-chat revealed the same about the audience!

Click on the following video to listen to the music and follow the text-chat. And please consider joining us in Steem Terminal for future concerts!

José Cabrera (@joseacabrerav) and friends performed this concert for free, without expecting any compensation. However, if you enjoyed the concert and can afford to tip a couple of Steem their way, I am sure they would appreciate the gesture, particularly as difficult as life currently is for folks in Venezuela. And if you cannot afford to send a tip, consider sending positive vibes, instead, or do something kind for someone in your neighborhood this holiday season!

Thank you for spreading the love! 😊


to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal

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a lovely experience had the honour of host and produce concerts like this, this concerts helps me to gain confidence on my music and keep the wheel of arts, as I tell you before at the concert, this help me to onboard artist that are loosing hope about create and start thinking on alternatives like working on a call center who want to pay you 5$ a month and that's not worth living, so, we know music is priceless cause feelings can't had a value but tips truly help us to has a decent lifestyle.

I’m used to @joseacabrerav concerts but I can tell you this one was a very special one plenty of wonderful pieces and his musicians friends:
Alberto , Espartako, Victoria a bunch of young people just flooding us with their happiness and amazing spirit.
It was worth the time we had over the SteemTerminal Christmas Discord voice channel listening while we, all the audience, were also enjoying commenting and making funny jokes to each other.

Come and join us at any time, you’re all most welcome!

Click the image to join...

Thank you all for coming!
Much love over there ❤️

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