Untitled Scribbles Made Me Miss Them So Much!!!

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Hey what's up friends?!
I'm finally back to work today... but I opened just a few classes.
From Sunday evening, I had a fever and I suddenly just felt cold. Having this flu-like symptoms these days is just so scary. Good thing is I didn't have colds, cough or other symptoms. I took some fever medicine round the clock, drank lots of water, rested and slept and finally last Wednesday, I didn't have any fever anymore. I decided to just rest the whole day yesterday without taking any meds, and now I'm perfectly fine. I can catch up with work again!

While I was "resting", I decided to re-write my poems from the old notebook to a much bigger one. Yep, I tried to stay away from the PC for a while... and while I was doing so, I saw this untitled scribbles in one of the pages.


Can you read my handwriting alright? Too lazy to type everything out. Sorry.

Just the first line of this poem, "It all started with a soup"... and I was like, "Oh! This is a TegoMasu poem!" And it made me miss them so much. Do you know who TegoMasu is? Let me show you some of my pictures of them. These are official photos from their entertainment shop in Japan which was given to me by my Japanese friend.


With all four of them, they're called NEWS... but they also have a sub-unit. Those two at the center are Tegoshi (blond) and Massu (red hair)... they're called "TegoMasu". Let me show some more pictures.


Ahh... I miss NEWS... but I also miss TegoMasu! It's been years since they created or released a new song/single/album! I really miss them so much... especially this person below.


Tegoshi my loves! The reason why I call myself TegoShei. <3 He has the best voice ever. (I could be biased... but I really fell hard for his voice) It's just so angelic and he can reach really high notes! I can also describe is voice as soulful... I especially like it when he sings live. <3

So much for that, I'd like to share to you the song about the soup. lol It's entitled, Miso Soup. Check out the video below.


Basically, the song is about a person living away from his hometown. Whenever he feels lonely and sad in the place he's currently living, he dreams of having the "Miso Soup" that his mom prepares for him. That soup is the best since it's made with love and care from his mom... and it makes him want to go home especially on New Year which is a very important holiday in Japan.

When TegoMasu debuted with Miso Soup, they weren't in Japan. It was an English version in Sweden... and later on released the Japanese version in Japan. Miso Soup isn't my favorite song from them, but it's a very special one. <3

And I am such a fangirl!!! I made a video in my very old YouTube channel which I could no longer access because I forgot the password. I sang a TegoMasu song and included a lot of Tegoshi's pictures in it. I cringe... but what should I do? Don't judge me! I was a teenager in love. lol

I miss singing TegoMasu songs!!! I'll try to make some covers in the future! Thanks for checking this post out! See you again! (^^,)/

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