Looking back - How was My 2019?

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How was my 2019?

Looking back and rewiew my achivements


I joined steem in june 2017 and it has been my best life experience, I have learned alot on my Journey 😉 and I think I have done pretty good, althogh I should have powered up more 🙈 a goal for next year 😁 Lol


Also got some cool badges along the way and that King of Disease was my favorite and so much fun 😁 grateful!


I have been here over 2 years... Yeay to not giving up 😁👍 I'm here to Stay!!


My rank on the steemit board has moved more in 2019 than any other year, I have climbed much since last time I checked... Makes me smile!


I also reached rep 68 and apparantly are doing some things right as I have many followers 🙏 Thank you all soo very much, means the world!


My most used words!

By steem cloud


This is pretty fun to see my most used words, and I like my cloud it shows my passion 🥰


That shows my achivements that you can see on the numbers and stats.... But honestly my BIGGEST achivement has been my own personal growth.


Didn't think I was good enogh


When I got here 2017 I was quiet, shy, had really bad self confidence and didn't belive in myself.
I made posts but didn't think I was good enogh, its been a long and slow Journey to build myself up.
But with help of amazing People in @thealliance like @enginewitty Who found me and been a big part of my growth as he always belived in me and pushed me out of my comfort zone 😊

Also many others has been so supportive and helped me in so many ways 😊🙏 Love Ya'll ❤️

I always loved taking pictures and sharing but I had a break in 2018 where I lost myself and only posted all kinds of things, it made me loose focus but I made a promise back then to get back my passion in 2019... Photography and grow my silver collection 😁 and I made it... I did both!

Also made my biggest personal growth
I Belive in myself... I am good enogh 🥰


2019 have surly been the most adventurious year for me, both in RL and on blockchain.
Much that happened that made me realize even more how important it is to not waist your energy on the wrong things and People.
Life is wonderful and there are so many amazing People that makes your life so much ritcher 🥰
And I have this plattform to Thank for meeting many of them... I feel so Blessed!


Being part of a community and family has helped my growth, amazing support and inspiering People Who thought me alot.
@thealliance is where my ❤️ is and best group of People I know.
@ssg-community has been a big part of my passion for silver and stacking... Amazing People Who I learned sooo much from 😉👍 and my collection has grown fast in 2019... Kind of my Silver year 😁 Lol


I also seen a change in myself when I look back at my older post, I always wanted to improve and I think I have. Especially in my Photographs and way of writing.
I was always afraid to write to much and I never thought my pictures was good enogh to be in contests. But I did try a few in 2019 and even if I didn't win, the experience and support kept me going.

One challange that really was like no other I done before and really was out of my zone, was this post... 👉 click here


I love this kind of challanges cause it really makes you get to know a person.
It took me a while to jump on but I did it and I was proud of myself 😊

Photography 2019

My passion was back and I improved


Photograph by @saffisara

I got back to share my favorite flower pictures, beach, nature, playing with effects and my favorite black&white pictures.
And I guess when you really are passionate about something.. It shows.. Like in this post 👉click here


Photograph by @saffisara

My love for old cars and black&white pictures was shown here, a post I was proud of and one that I think got the highest payout ever for me here 🙏
And It's all because of these amazing voters 👇


What you do is so important and I can only speak for myself... But your support has truly helped me to keep it up and have given my self confidence a push 🙏 Thank you for that.
I promise to keep doing my best and Never give up 😉👍


Other People that has helped alot is @bluemist by compliment my Photographs and made me aware of photo contests, first time in a while I did one and it was about black&white pictures so I jumped on it... Behind the photo and I love the concept of sharing pictures and tell your story behind it 😉 initiated by @nelyp


Photograph by @saffisara

Here is my post 👉click here

And @derangedvisions is one that always has Great contests and takes amazing photographs himself.
This was one that was about seing the world without colour.... Really a wake up post and makes you aware how much colour does in our lives 🌹🌷🌻🦠🐞🦜


Photograph by @saffisara

Here's my post 👉 click here

2019 has been my best payout year, but also the year I focused on my passion and worked Hard to improve.
Lots of changes has been done since I joined steem, and I seen many people leave and give up but I am happy to still be here and I know if we work Together... We can Acomplish anything 😉👍



My goals for 2020!

I know this don’t count @derangedvisions
😜 but I do have some goals and sorry I missed doing your contest 🙈 I apolagize!


  • Stay True to Myself
  • Keep engaging and Supporting
  • Power up
  • Keep posting and improve even more
  • Meet my @thealliance members... One I know will have to wait till 2021 but still is my wish ❤️
  • Keep Stacking
  • Make this the BEST year ever 🥰🙏


And only I can choose to be happy and making it my BEST YEAR 🥰 You with me?


This post turned out to be alot longer than I was Thinking, but its Hard to stop ones your mind starts speeding 😂 Hahahaha
I have so much to be thankful for in my life and during my time here on steem.
It truly has changed my life and not only cause #SNOOKMADEMEDOIT but she definitly made me do things.... Lol
You all know the Lovely Lady Who make you forget your shyness and makes you talk in her show... Pants are optional 😂 Hahahaha
So something I never thought I do.
@snook you really are one that seen me and known how to pull me out of my corner 😘 Thank you ❤️ Love you


@c0ff33a my bestie Who always looks out for me and makes me smile 🤗🤗 #teamhug
Thank you for being YOU 🥰


@enginewitty you already know how thankful I am for everything you are and done for us all.
You are amazing and you have made this place a home and I am Lucky to be your snow leopard 😉and silver P. I. M. P


Ya... And butthugger 🤗 😂 Hahahaha


@katrina-ariel 🥰 You know I love You and appriciate You for Who YOU ARE and you get me well, tressure our friendship 🤗 Stay You ❤️

So many others that I Loove and appriciate and I cant mention them all... Thank you 🙏


Seems like there just isn't any way to shut this Gal up... OMG she is chatty 🙈 SHHH.. 🤫

Ok she got the hint so lets wrap this post up before she starts again 😜 Buwahaha

Happy 2020 Steem peeps

And may this year be the best ever 🎉

wish you a wonderful evening

And don’t forget to be YOU 🥰


Much Love Ya'll ❤️ Kisses 💋

🌸 Find a little something to be thankful for, makes a happy heart 🌸


Proud Member of the best family ❤️

Peace - Unity - Family - #thealliance Amazing leader @enginewitty

Proud member off #steemsilvergold



Proud Sister of #ladiesofssg4eva ❤️


☑️ Supporting witnesses are important,
here are 3 that I just can't be without 😉
My top 3 🔝

Vote for the Amazing @enginewitty 👉 click here

Vote for the sweet @c0ff33a 👉 click here

Vote for the Cool @JackMiller 👉 click here

The 3 nutty Musketeers 😜


🌸Just happy about life and Thankful for all the blessings in it! 🌸


@saffisara :Passionate about reading YOUR posts and commenting. Loves to laugh and take pictures. AND I'm a Hug Lover! Remember Every day is a #haturday

🌼All pictures are my own and taken by me 🌻

Thank you @thekittygirl 💖

Thank you @enginewitty for this badass banner❤️

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Congrats on a great year fir you my friend. Your posts are always a pleasure to read. Tons of hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗

Thank you so much my sweet friend 🤗🌹
You always been so kind and a big inspiration to me...I appriciate You alot. Much love 🥰

Your number one goal is my most favoritist :P Stay true to yourself, hands down. You're the only one that can be you, so be the best you you can be! Love you!!!

@alliedforces curate 2

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 93.18%

I love that goal to 🥰 and I dont know how to be any other way than ME 😊 but I can improve and be even MORE the best ME 😜 lol
Thank you for always seing me, even when I think noone does 😘 you are remarkeble, just so you know. Love you 🤗❤️

I knoooow 😊 and I see you to... Always!


OMFG...there is that sexy Witness 😍 lol

Thank you for supporting @CatsMakeKittens by being a part of our community @saffisara.

Each CATS you purchase gets you daily upvotes from me @CatScientist as our community grows so do your rewards for being a member!

Thank you 🙏

You're doing way better than I am, I can admit defeat!
Goals, we're supposed to have goals?! 😯

I don’t belive that sweet Kerri 😉 there are many ways to do good, and we all do it in our own way and what we are good at. I think you are amazing, and just think how much I learned about silver ans stacking from your posts and your guidance 🥰 I wish you could se how amazing you are... I doo 🙏
And I Loove stacking and seing silver posts... Lol

I say for 2020... Just one goal for #ladiesofssg4eva to make this the best year 🤗❤️🤗

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Congratulations many achievements achieved @saffisara

You had an awesome year. Hopefully 2020 is another amazing year for all of us.

I did have a wonderful 2019 Yes 😉 and Thank you for being a big part and for all you do for us, really means alot.
🍻CHEERS🥂 TO 2020 and may it be a Great year for all of us 😉👍
Stay Awsome my friend 🌹

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So Proud of you for all you have done and the woman you are!!!

Awwww... Thank you @snook 🤗
Means alot coming from you, and you been with me all the way.
So happy to have gotten to know you and se us both grow 😘 Love you!

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Oh my goodness! You? Not confident? I don’t believe it. Also... you follow over 3,000 people? 🤣😂 How do you stay so engaged with us all? Looks like a wonderful year all around and it is a pleasure to know you. 🤗💕

Looks like you had a blast in 2019, so looking forward to seeing your 2020...

Well done, @saffisara!💐 Time to celebrate. Big hug and lots of love to you 🥰

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