NaNoWriMo - Day 7

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Didn't get much writing done today, but tomorrow should be mine to do as I please - well, until four. Now, I am sleeping so I can wake up early and write, write, write :)

If you happen to live in San Diego and are participating in the NaNoWriMo Madness, here are some places to meet up with fellow writers and get some support and have fun. None of these work for me this week - but maybe next week I will go. If I do, I post pictures here :)

I am also tagging the post as #sandiego - just because I live here. But there is another reason. @ackza started the Sand token that is San Diego specific and I think it would be fun to somehow use it as an incentive for local writing get-togethers. Rewards are always nice!

[Wrimo-run] UCSD Friday Lunch Write-In
Friday, Nov 8, 2019, at 12:30 pm

[Wrimo-run] Darkstar (UCSD) Write-In
Saturday, Nov 9, 2019, at 1:00 pm

NaNoWriters on Steem
Check out what we are up to at the Freewrite House. This post will be of particular interest to you.

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I am planning to write 50,000 + words this month in the spirit of NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month. But I am going to ignore the Novel part and write whatever I want to. I am doing a complete stream of consciousness style of writing. It might become a Novel, it might look more like morning pages - basically, word vomit onto the page to empty the brain. Maybe, I get a bunch of good blog posts out of it. I don't know. Feel free to read it - or not. Quality is not ensured! 😂

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Day 7

Here we are at day seven of the NaNoWriMo madness and I have declared my effort in this the NaMeWriMo month. I am a nation on myself - isn’t that something written in some kind of scripture? I am sure. It must be.
If not, I was the first to say that? Impossible. Some old fart dictator in some country must have said something like it before. But that is not the point. Since very obviously for those of you who have read any of my nonsense, I am not writing a novel this month, it is really all about me. Can I write every day a significant amount of words? And do it no matter what?
I set out on Steem to write every day and that was one of the reasons I created the Daily Prompt Movement. And I am calling it a movement. We have been doing it for over two years. And by we, I mean that I am posting the prompt and you all have been writing.
In the beginning, I wrote every day too. Then, I didn’t want to post what I wrote since I didn’t want anyone to get influenced by the direction I was taking with the prompt. Also, I wanted to read everyone's work and comment, deliver the new prompt, and such.
Before I knew it, I was busily doing that and more often than not, I was too tired to write my own.
That is a little bit the story of my life. I am great helping others to succeed and not so great following through on my own goals. But, what is success? And that is the great question.
Is someone who lived a happy life without ever doing more for society as a whole besides picking up trash from the sidewalk ever so often, more or less successful than someone who has been driven by passion and was part of a political movement - a changer of society - that got murdered young.
Sure, we admire (or not) the activist that gave their life for their believes. We don’t admire the person who was happily living in the background trying to do the right thing but never making waves.


Join us for the daily 5 - Minute Freewrite. Check my profile for a new prompt every day.

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Still working it @mariannewest, thank God it's Friday. 🙏

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Already day 7. I assume the first seven links will be left at the NaNoWriMo post about week 1?

Good title for a book: It is all about me.
Happy day. I try to catch up but it is hard. 💕

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Ahh - I didn't even think about linking them together. Maybe I will start that. To tell you the truth, usually I am just glad to get that thing written and out LOL

You do very well. If you ask me altogether it might turn out to be a great book. Happy writing and weekend to you. 💕

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Thank you so much!! That is such a kind thing to say!

@mariannewest Not kind but the truth. You are a good writer. If you publish let me know. 😘👍💕

I hear you! I would love to follow all the NaNo writers, just as I did the March Madness Writers, but that wore me out! So I'm picking a couple to follow as well as I can. You, because you write like this so rarely and I find your voice very refreshing. I'll check in with the others now and then. @wakeupkitty and her phantasmagorical worlds, here I come.
I have no idea who said "I am a nation unto myself" but I know you didn't jsut make it up.
As for who should we admire, I think that choice is very personal. Perhaps those of us who make no waves and take no risks admire the others of us who are just the same. Maybe we admire the same passions we have. Or maybe we admire those whose passions are opposite ours. I find the people I admire the most are those who love the most, are generous with themselves and willing to step outside thier comfort zones for others. I like to think I am one of those.

thank you so much for your thoughtful response. And I do believe that you are one of them :)