Natural Energy ! Baba Roots Herbal Drink from Jamaica

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Baba Roots

Now a lot of people when they first hear about this drink fear it. Not sure why as it is made of all natural ingredients. Red Bull & Monster Energy is what they should fear.

Made from natural herbs ( roots , leaves , vines ) carefully chosen for their healing powers it is the preferred drink “energy drink” of Rastafarians.

This drink increases stamina , relaxes the mind, stimulates metabolism and male sexual potency, helps with blood circulation, detoxifies the liver, said to prevent cancer and is also good for sore throats, colds and headaches.

Give it a try. Ps, if goes well with a spliff. Here is a pic of the back label, but I doubt most people even know what they are 😄


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Roots Drink is the Best! Real Natural Power :)
Mi bredda, i just uploaded a Damian Marley Concert to
Dtube. As usual, after Dtube, i jump into Steemit and edit
the hashtags, because in Dtube i can only choose one (Music).
But it doesn't show up on Reggaesteem, like it used to.
The same ting on Pal...?
Do you know what's up?

Yeah man a di best. YouTube set it so you can only use one tag, and even if you edit it only shows on steemit. Just use the URL and make a separate post and embed ( you use the URL to embed) the video and say it’s the embed version or something. Then tag jahm and other tribes related.

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Ok, i do another post.

@dmilliz, Nowadays people blindly believe upon Commercial and Factory made medicines. But in my opinion the reality is, we left behind the greatest and ancient knowledge and that is Natural Medicine.

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Yup , they would rather by the overhyped products and with artificial things in it. But I see the world is slowly changing. Natural is become a trend.

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Yes. And change is permanent.

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Seems it worth trying, hahaha. Thanks for sharing this.

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I’m sure they have something similar in your country, it is al African natural science :)

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Was talking to girl just last night about Magnum. Said she had it in Ja... LoL. What’s the major difference between magnum and the Baba roots?

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