Small yield of black turmeric (Curcuma caesia) and orange turmeric (Curcuma longa) in Gosford.

Curcuma caesia / black turmermic

It's about the time of the year I'm harvesting my grow bags for black turmeric and orange turmeric rhizomes. This year the yield has been lower than usual. I probably haven't added enough compost to the potting mix. Something I will have to fix for this coming season.

Black and orange turmeric
Orange turmeric on the left, black turmeric on the right

After washing them, I've set them to dry out a little bit in the sun. I will keep some of the black rhizomes for my own use and sell the rest on my online shop. As for the orange rhizomes, I will dry them out and make some powder for cooking.

Black turmeric harvest

Orange turmeric harvest

The large and medium rhizomes can be used for consumption as a natural medicine.

Large black turmeric rhizome

Medium black turmeric rhizomes

While the small one will be used for propagation.

Small black turmeric rhizomes

Section of black turmeric revealing the blue tint

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LOVELY!! I'm growing both Black Phai and White Turmeric, as a prelude for growing them commercially next season. The ancient niche Thai herbs (of which black turmeric is one) are making a comeback and have amazing healing properties.

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Black Phai? What is that?! Do you have a photo or scientific name for it?

Posted using Partiko iOS

I never know about purple color inside. Usually in here just orange color.

Great to see it. Thanks for sharing

Yes, these are other species

Posted using Partiko iOS

I have never seen or heard of black turmeric. Thank you for sharing now i have research to do. We use orange when we can find it and put it in our fermentation like kraut and kimchee and so many more uses.

The black ones are used for medicinal purpose only as they don’t taste good.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Great what kind of climate do they like to grown in? Not hear of the black either will have to look into it more. Amazing healing qualities turmeric would love to grow my own 💯🐒

They like it hot. If you can grow the orange one then you can grow these too.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Umm might be a bit too cold here in the UK. Maybe i'll try next summer 💯🐒

Beautiful rhizomes. Wish I had the greenhouse space for turmeric (Plus the climate).

Posted using Partiko Android

I wish to have a better climate too. It’s not hot long enough for them to grow even more.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Wonderful post! I hadn't heard of black turmeric before, but I did buy some this year just to plant. It's growing very well. Next year, I will try harvesting some of it.

Thats awesome. It’s growing in popularity as people discover its medicinal properties

Posted using Partiko iOS

This is one of the things I love most about being apart of the naturalmedicine community, I learn so much. Didn’t realize there were different species of turmeric. That purple inside is so intriguing. They look pretty massive too.

Thanks so much for sharing and teaching.

Im glad it was interesting.
They can grow large yes.

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