Strawberry :Eat Strawberry and cure diseases.

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Good health is blessing of Allah Almighty. we all are beggar for good health. so there are many things Almighty Allah created for human being. there are a lot of fruits, vegetable, animals, uncountable things has been borned for just human being. just we need to eat them with balance in proper time. but as human we are facing many health issues this time. Every one is with disease. hospitals are full with patients. but disease are not in control or treatment is very much expensive. every second many people are dying with many harmful diseases.

one of the common disease is heart attack, thousands people are dying every year with this disease. but if we eat natural fruit to heal disease that is made by Allah Almighty we can save our life. one of them natural fruit is strawberry that is very useful to protect your life with heart attack. Strawberry is natural medicine that make heart more strong and healthy. i think this fruit is available in all over the world.

Strawberries can benefit our health in the following ways.

Blood pressure

High Blood pressure is very much common case this time with every one so strawberry is helpful and useful for high blood pressure patient. if he eat strawberry , his blood pressure will be normal , strawberry will help to reduce the blood pressure issue here i want to share with you all that strawberry is big source of gaining potassium that not only help to protect the heart from other acid attack but strawberry will be more useful for heart it is also rich source of potassium , dear friend if you or any one in your family heart patient or blood pressure patient then guide him to eat strawberry in diet. because health is wealth.


it is also very useful fruit for diabetes patients. if any person is patient of diabetes then he should eat strawberry in his diet after meal because that will help to keep the sugar level in blood normal . here i will guide that Diabetes patients should it after meal , if you will eat before meal then it will not be very helpful so eat strawberry after meal.


one of the dangerous disease is Cancer that is silent killer of million life. it is one of the out control disease that attack but silently .so to protect life from cancer , strawberry is also very fruitful fruit . dear friend! many people do not like to eat strawberry because of it taste but some people love this fruit , so love this fruit and eat it that is one of the best natural medicine that save our life from dozen diseases and cancer is one of them.


Strawberry reduce cholesterol level in our body blood, because of cholesterol heart attack occurred and strawberry increase HDL good cholesterol that is very good for health so strawberry has not one benefit it has unlimited benefit for our life

Heart attack

strawberry save our heart from heart attack so please my dear steemians and friends, use strawberry in food but after meal, hope you will do this .


it is natural act when our age increase. our eyesight become weak. so strawberry is the fruit that increase our eyesight in also old age but if we will eat strawberry. so one strawberry has dozen benefit for our life but we do not eat it, so dear friends use strawberry in food


if any one has dirty or dry skin, then he can use strawberry past on his face to keep face fresh , if any one has black color and want to get fresh, then he mixed strawberry paste in milk and then apply it on face but very carefully , so after half hour , he should washed his face with good quality soap , repeat it twice a week , after 4 week he will feel that his face color is fresh and more charming.

nail beauty

mostly women life big nail and soft , so if you dip your nail in juice of strawberry just for few mints then your nail will be soft and fresh will grow more beautiful.

Dear friends all fruits are good for health but it is true colorful fruits has a lot of benefit for our health so i will request you all that always use fruits in your diet, these fruits will help to increase your health of body. always eat good seasonal fruit and avoid to eat non seasonal fruit.

hope my this post will be helpful for you all steemians, my pray my steemians live very healthy and happy life . remember always this that health is wealth , if you are healthy hen wealth is for you , if you are rich but you have no health then what is the purpose of wealth, wealth is not helpful , always keep in mind health is wealth.

with out health we can not enjoy life , with out wealth we can enjoy life , but if we have wealth and health both then its mean Great blessing of Allah is on us.

if my this post is good and helpful for you then do not forget to appreciate me thank you very much for visiting my blog.


















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