Abundance and Health

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It is so natural to have access to healthy organic foods and products.

Although it could be very hard to get this nowadays, this is the chance to be inspired to create your own sources. Even at home, with no backyard or a garden, we can always have some pots with herbs and healing plants. Another opportunity is just to find some good bio farmers in your local area to support and get back those delicious veggies, fruits and other supplies...
I presented to you in one of my latest articles, how you can germinate some seeds nuts and beans. This is one of the easiest ways to make some additional powerful nutrition on your table, so to speak. Another possibility is letting the [sprouts] grow enough under light or sun to have the young greens available for fresh consumption.
For example this Oat Grass, I've experimented with some time ago:

It is very useful for making some cleansing green juice for detoxing your body flow and giving you a lot of natural strenght. You can mix other green leaves/ veggies or herbs.

Here is the REAL coke! :)))

Drink it immediately, consciously and affirm your health again!

Another quick boost for your immune system can be getting some citrus fruits for your homemade juice.

Grapefruit juice is one of the real treasures!

Naturally you can prepare some tasty, sweet and aromatic smoothies with the fruits you've got.

...or you can turn them into a beautiful dessert...

I think we have enough for now.

So next time I'll show you how to prepare some veggie juices and meals. Till then let's remember that nature and Earth are abundant in everything. You can always hike to the nearest wild area (if available) and find some hidden herbs, leaves, fruits, nuts or seeds... Here are my favorite wild garlic & wild onion leaves, which I find very delicate and delicious for a big green salad! They grow in the nearby mountain site...in spring.

Let's make this fun and an interesting journey into healthy and better life!

Educate, grow, succeed! :)

Your fellow @trayan
Bye Bye!

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Yummie. Looks like you are able to put a lot of variety into the vegetable smoothies / juices.

Thanks for the bounty and all! :)
Yes, my goal is to be creative in here..
on Earth :D

Nice presentation I resteem to my 2300 followers and upvote!

Thanks! ;)

Nice work! I still need to go look for mushrooms soon and yesterday I found a blender but it wasn't working, I want to but the smoothys again too!!

Thanks, bro! ;) I'm so in love with mushrooms :)
Sad for the blender, but you'll find one working, I'm sure about it :)

This smoothie, I've made on a festival, where they had a huge field with organic raspberries. Everybody was breakfasting there :))) hehe and they were also selling some very heavy wine made out of them. Very delicious and sweet dreamy :))))

  • I've prepared the smoothie by picking some raspies, smashing them with a big stick into the bottle, then added some spring water from the place.....and then shaking....
    With the love incorporated, I've had a big kick for the party after ;)

mhhhhmm yummy

I need land to grow

I came back home like 11 years ago, tired from the big city life, having only a terrace, where I've been still growing some favorite plants....
Now I have just my little backyard garden, and a whole lot of other patches.
I believe it is a good start just to plants something around you, whenever you are .. and take care about them. Then the attraction starts and you grow bigger and bigger...
Nature calls and always finds you! ;)

I already am! But not as much and big as Id like ^^

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I would also love to have a bigger and sunnier place.
For now I just practice patience, experimenting with the little things and learning from Nature...
Composting is the real deal about building the good soil with your friendly micro organisms.
What do you think?

I think build your soil, not ur plant ;]

Have you heard of the effects of electro static fields on plants and animals?

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Yes! It's all bio~electro~magnetic field ;)

I mean this lost technic: http://www.urzeitcode.com/english/

sadly I can't find the good resources in english right now..

You can connect to the universal natural database, organically with your heart and mind, so you can download the latest updates of the technique ;)

why is there music in the background of the video? She talks about the singing of the plant, but there is fucking music..
It's more like guided meditation, normies need the music to get in theirselves..^^

Don't you understand, plants are connected with sensors to a synthesizer on the computer... and they produce those sounds via bio~electro~magnetism....
Also they respond to the child and other creatures.... THEY CAN SING :P

Nice stuff! I'm going to a workshop next month teaching how to grow micro greens and canning. This is awesome! Thanks.

Cool, where's the workshop :)
Glad we're together here ;)

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