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in naturalproducts •  10 months ago 

Don't you understand, plants are connected with sensors to a synthesizer on the computer... and they produce those sounds via bio~electro~magnetism....
Also they respond to the child and other creatures.... THEY CAN SING :P

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Yea.. A german scientist also did something similar and read the thoughts of plants.. With another device and cables..
But as you've already said. You dont need this device. Sound is vibrations and if we normally dont hear em, it's just not in the hearable spectrum for humans. If you then change the vibrations to something hearable through a programmed device. It's in the wrong frequency :D
As I said, it's more like a guided meditation for people who really arent synchronized anymore.. or just too deep in the matrix.
But I dont wanna talk it bad. I think it's heart-opening for many. :)