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If you see a gray cloud cover above your head, you know it's going to rain. But the furry friends need their walk. But why is it that clouds change from color?

Clouds consist of hundreds of water droplets hanging in the sky. The droplets reflect the light of the sun shining on them. If the drops are very small and float far enough apart, the white sun rays have enough room to reach the ground through the clouds. The clouds therefore look white.



But if the drops are close together, the sun's rays do not fit in between. The white light does not reach the ground. This makes the clouds look dark from the ground up. After a while the drops stuck together become too heavy and fall down like rain! Just ike today I was soaked but the furry’s had their run.



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I find it funny how my furry doesn’t even notice the rain when we are on a fun walk but sometimes refuses to go out into the yard when it is raining.

Here’s to walking and enjoying the rain as much as the sun!

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lovely photos! ^_^

Thanx dearc

@brittandjosie, You've shared breathtaking pictures and with that shared Knowledge too. Stay blessed.

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I love clouds and weather pictures

👍 👍

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Beautiful picture! Where was this taken?

In Holland