A brief story about ducks.

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The family of ducks is the largest, has more than fifteen hundred species. When we see a flock of wild ducks, the most common are wild ducks.

From ancient times people began to raise ducks at home, and during this time, modern breeds of domestic ducks were bred by selection.

Wild ducks feed on plant foods and small aquatic creatures. With the help of their wide beak, they filter the water and mud at the bottom, choosing everything that can be edible.

Wild ducks can dive, but only in extreme cases. Usually, in search of food, they stand in the water sticking out, leaving only legs and tail on the surface. Therefore, they try to reach with their beak the plants that grow at the bottom of the reservoir.

The length of your body can reach sixty centimeters, and the weight reaches a kilo and a half. The color of the plumage of these ducks is discreet, brownish gray, with specks and specks in the front of the body.

However, during the mating season, males, also called dragons, change their discreet everyday attire to a bright robe. Its head is painted in an intense green color, with a metallic tint, the feathers in the chest turn brown and the rest of the plumage has a neutral gray tone. Attracted by the unusual appearance of dragons, females choose and a married couple is formed. The pairs of ducks are durable.

Only females are dedicated to the cultivation of offspring. From the first days of life, ducklings walk and swim perfectly. Together with their mother duck, they have fun in the water and try to get their own food.

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