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When i get free time , i loves to capture photography. Photography not my passion, photography my hobby.

20191116_08341901.jpegthis day i also visit my cousin house for lunch purposes. Actually my cousin house beside my home.this day my cousin made a new recipe that's why she call me and invite for lunch.
when me and my wife attend my cousin house, then the time sun can't rise cause this time winter season in continue in our country. We feel very cold that's why i told my wife for visit rooftop. My wife can't go there ,she tell me but i am very curious for seen rooftop. Actually my cousin loves to gardening that's why i curious
20191116_08343001.jpeg finally i go there and really surprised cause lots of flowers are blossoms in this garden. I also feel very blessed for seen this view. My cousin also nursing cactus tree.this are also beautiful. i also capture photos for share with you.
Anyway after complete capture then i come back room and attend lunch. We also enjoy this lunch cousin made lots of items. Overall after long time later we are spending quality time.all photography author. If you interest to watch more beautiful flowers photography, then you guys comments freely, I will try to share .thank you.

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@shuvo35, oh, there are very nice flowers in the garden of your cousin.

Thanks for your compliment dear

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Really nice photographs brother.
It would be more better if you mentioned the name of the flower and also adding more photos of flowers.

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You are right

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Thanks for your compliment dear 😊

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Nice looking flowers!!

Thanks for your compliment

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I am gonna give some advice. Try to make more pictures and do a picture with you in it, this is a blog with two of the same photos, as a photographer you need to appeal to us as viewers and readers

Thanks for your advice . I follow your advice .

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These are gorgeous! I never saw these flowers before and I am wondering what is their name. Superb shots my Friend; very crisp 🌸😊🌸

May be this are orchid flowers

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Lovely images and well captured..

Thanks for your compliment

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