Bromelia + Succulent Jade and Elephant's ear Plants

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Hello Dear Steemians!

Happy new day. it is morning time and i am planing to go out for food journey with my family. Today is the day of food journey with my family and kids because my all kids got good position in annual exam. so i made promise with my kids and nephew that after their result we would go out for food . so today we have plant to taste all food that my kids will like to eat, but before leaving for food journey with kids, here i am sharing with you some plants photography that are very beautiful and do not cover much place for keeping them.



it is beautiful Bromelia plant and it is planted in my school garden , it has very beautiful leave and soft, color of leave changes when weather change, if weather is winter then its leaves color turn to red, in little winter its leaves colors turn into half red brown and in summer its colors turn into green so it is very much beautiful plant and it is macro plant that look very beautiful, did not cover much place,




Succulent Jade has tiny small leaves , its leaf color is green, it is also macro plant but its flower bloom in end of spring, but it is spring plant, never get dry in any weather, so it is the one of the best quality of this plant, always this plant has green leaves, i liked it very much. it is always spring plant .


it is Elephant's ear plant, its leaves look like Elephant's ear , big strong ear, and it has big ear like elephant so it is known because of this reason Elephant's ear, so it is also in my school garden, all photo has been taken by my phone vivo,

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Have seen that plant before but didn't know it was called Elephant's ear :)

yeah it is elephant ear plant, i know about this plant ,a little bit about its name