NBA EXPRESS #92 | Aaron Gordon Robbed Again in 2020 Dunk Contest?


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Aaron Gordon first of all is the most unique dunker in the history of dunk contest in the NBA, that’s not even a debate. So why the heck he hasn’t even won a single trophy? I will make this article pretty short because I can’t express how disappointed I am on how did this happened?

The 2016 slam dunk contest should’ve awarded to him (AG) how did Zac Lavine dunno if I spell his name right won that when all he does was jump from the freaking free throw line? And now DJJ stole another trophy when Dennis Jones Jr all did was dunk where he get the ball between the legs? I mean it’s a 50 when you first perform it but if you perform it twice or thrice then its not surprising at all common men this is unfair. Give AG what he definitely deserves, not excited to watch next year’s dunk contest for sure.

Here are some of the highlights of post dunk contest interview from the media with Aaron Gordon.

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