Wool Making: "My Shabby Needlework"

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With your knitting needles, you can always try something.
Do something new and something different.
I can remember struggling when I small to knit wool. I struggled to use the knitting needle and how to roll over the wool in order to knit what I needed to knit.

I struggled and struggled but all was in vain. I had to beg my older sister to teach me how to make it since she knew how to do it. Though she wasn't perfect then, but she could even handle the needle if I couldn't. So I had to beg her to help me out. I pleaded and pleaded but she just wouldn't show me.

Maybe she just wasn't chanced but in my small child's mind, I saw it as her not wanting to teach me what she knew. I only saw it as a blunt refusal.
This made me angry and sad. That I had to discipline myself to the challenge. I stood up and challenged myself.

I remember picking up the knitting needle and a piece of her unused wool. I struggled and struggled but I never gave up. This time I had no reasons for giving up so I had to give it my best. Since no one was helping me out and my sissomething.as my only hope to learning the needle work wasn't helping me either, I just determined to learn it on my own.

I usually watched as she uses the knitting needle, how she turn and make a twisting. So I copied and followed the same procedures.
I tried and tried without giving up until I was finally able to make out something.

The very first thing I made out then when I was this table cover, if you notice it has some crocket shape.
This is because I did it on my own, my very first trial and error work.

Remember the other time I shared a needlework here too and it was a round table cover. That one was made when I became a master of my needle. You can see a vast difference between the two needlework.

This one is a bit shabby but the other one was perfect and really nice. But all the same, I still felt I should share it here.

Never give up in whatsoever you are doing. Because no one is supporting or helping you doesn't mean you should give up. Stand up and try something on your own.
People may see your efforts and passion and perhaps support you in the long run. But you have to get up and "Start Something"

My Shabby Needlework

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You learn a lot with needlework, patience and persistence and a lot more ;)

Yes @muscara
Thank you for your encouraging comment

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