#needleworkmonday : #steemitmamas & kids diy fabric and sugarwater

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I went to the fabric market because I needed fabric for a new project for #Needleworkmonday and Christmas.


I bought this, a voile with Christmas 🎄 and 🎅 that the kids cut from the fabric and make a whole bunch ready for the next step.


The fabric market has a few places where the fabrics are really cheap. I will do another blog and explain more.


Here you see the cut pieces, the trees and the Santa’s.


Than you need water and sugar. A lot of sugar because we are going to make them into tree hangers they are needed for our tree. You put the fabric in water just 2 cm in a plate and put in like 12 sugar cubes that you get sugar water that when it dries up hardens the fabric.


Here we have already 10 made by little D and me. We had fun and the result is so nice. When you need a diy project for the holidays.


Now I hear you asking : BUT BRITT WHY IN THE NEEDLEWORKMONDAY TAG? Well after this you put a little gold string or something you like that fits the new fabric ornaments so you can hang them in the tree with the famous needle 😉

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Really? Stiffening with sugar? Doesn't that attract bugs (I guess not in Netherlands... but in Australia it might be a bad idea!).

how exactly do you do that Britt? I have never heard of that before.

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you need water and sugar. A lot of sugar because we are going to make them into tree hangers they are needed for our tree. You put the fabric in water just 2 cm in a plate and put in like 12 sugar cubes that you get sugar water that when it dries up hardens the fabric. You can also do it with white glue when that dries it’s see through and hard and than you have hangers

wouldn't that invite the ants?If your goal is to harden them, why not try decoupage glue? Or if you do not have any glue just mix equal parts white glue with water. I think it will harden the fabric too. I know it does my paper....

Haven’t tried with the kids and glue I try to find other ways sugar is washable but I can try to get glue that’s was able from clothes may it harder than sugar thanks I will let you know I have about 60 to go for the tree

no worries Britt. Just mix a drop of vinegar or two to keep the bugs out. Any type of vinegar will do. Essential oil is great too!

How cool that you know so much

What a great project for the kids to have fun doing. Hardening the fabric with sugar sounds like a sweet idea. 😊

A very safe idea , with glue they will ruin my table and their clothes

I have upvoted you at 100% with my 4k #build-it tokens. They are worth powering up especially if your into diy and crafting

Well thank you so much I think @needleworkmonday will be great full too it’s a wonderful tag

Hmmmm now you've peaked my interest I can't wait to see what you make :) Love Christmas diy

Offcourse i will show off the family diy tree hangers hahahahah, and its fun to spend time together and have an idea for my needleworkmonday blog hahahhaha

wow, amazing work you are great mom indeed.👍
Great art work.

Hahahah thank you the precious time with the boys is very important and i can make wa blog with it

Great its good to be with kids.👍

Good work

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What did you like the most ?

So clever!!! I have tried to stiffen my crocheted hangers with a kind of glue and this was not successful: it was neither stiff enough nor completely transparent. I will research your sugar method and try it out... its also much cheaper than the glue.
Thank you for the tip 🌈

Cheaper but with the kids i used glue once and the table and clothes were so difficult to clean this is washable,
Thank for dropping by

Creative Work....

Well thank you do you diy ever?

not much....some time...

Christmas is such a magical time of year! And sugar cubes are so stinking cool haha

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