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Hey my lovelies! I am so sorry I couldn’t post about the next steps in my mother’s String Quilt. Our eldest daughter has been sick since Thursday and it has been busy, busy and no sleep whatsoever. On top of that I wanted to get the challenge posted for the @needleworkmonday community so I stayed up late last night to get that done once my daughter finally got to sleep. If you haven’t seen it yet please don’t miss it...NeedleWorkMonday’s 'Project Warm A Soul' Community Challenge is Back!! I hope to see everyone participate!! 😃

I hope to get back to sharing the quilt process next week. I like to take my time editing the photos and making sure I understand the steps so I can explain them to you correctly.


In the meantime I am gathering supplies for my next project. I am really excited about this one as it will be my own little creation/experiment. I wanted to show you the colors above that I will be using. I like mixing textures so I will be working with cotton and acrylic as well as some chunky yarn. You’ll find out soon what I will be making. However, I do need one more item to finish my supply list.

All of the yarn you see are from my scrap stash. It’s kind of fun reminiscing on the projects you have completed when going through your old stash. Sometimes I complain about having these big bags of yarn to tote around but I am truly thankful to have them because it saves money and there is always something new you can make.

How many projects do you think you could make with your scrap yarn? I’m afraid to answer that question haha! 😁 A needleworker NEVER has enough yarn! 😅🤪

If you are looking for some project inspiration just have a look through your old stash and see what surfaces. ❤️

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I did show you a picture of my "yarn wardrobe", didn't I? I'm not SABLE (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy), but a year or two...

goes off to pet her nice yarn

I did not know this word and I had to laugh very hard. And I will never take photos of our yarnbedroom... never

Yes I believe you have although the picture is not coming to my recollection at the moment.

Haha I love that word...SABLE! It’s the first I’ve heard of it! I am definitely not there yet but will admit it could happen someday. 😁😅

Take care of the sick <3 And then get back on your feet yourself by making so Needle Art! :D

Thank you! She is finally over it now thanks goodness. I slept so great last night knowing she was sleeping well :)

That’s right! Back to my needlework ;)

Thanks for stopping by. How are your nuno felted scarves coming along?

Oh, I love scrap projects. I call it re-purposing 😃 Basically mixed media art. I am very curious what you will do with the yarns in this post. Maybe a pillow case? Stuffed animal? Have fun creating it, we will certainly have fun watching you 👀

That’s great @starjewel! It is definitely re-purposing. Nice guesses but not quite. 😁

Thank you! I will have fun creating and fun sharing with you all soon. 😉

Sorry to hear your Daughter is sick I hope she is feeling better soon and you can get some rest

Thank you . She is finally back to health and our nights have been more quiet :)

Thats great to hear ;)

Heya there! I am making a scrap project right now too! A book for my little one who should be here in may. I have made three pages so far and I will be embellishing them with... IDK what yet. LOL. Looking forward to see what you make!

I myself have hardly any scrap yarn as I hardly ever buy any and make stuff from my mom's leftovers. She has yarn to last for YEARS yet keeps buying more and more. I wish she would buy more cotton as that is my fav to work with.

Maybe I'll actually make a cotton yarn blanket for this kiddie... hmmm.

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Hey mama, that sounds like fun and I know the book will be adorable no matter what you choose for the embellishment. It’s always fun making things for the little ones.

I can see me doing the same as your mother. Although I have lots of scrap yarn I still keep buying new yarns. Sometimes I’m in the mood to create something with what I already have but then there are times I’m itching to buy that new color I saw last week lol!

Ooh yes a blanket, you should!

Thanks for stopping by ~ 😘

I hope your daughter does not have something serious and will recover super fast!!! And I am looking forward to your make, the colors promise something beautiful. I love to use scrap yarn for easy and colourful hats. I hold the yarn double or triple and then change only one color to create a blended stripe.
WHile writing this my fingers itch to star one of these hats :-DDD

Thank goodness it was just a viral thing and she is now completely over it. Thank you.

You know me, I love playing with colors. 😄 I love blend stripes hats! It’s fun creating patterns with the colors.

Ooo I see some Christmas colours! Hehe. I have so much scrap yarn too!! I agree, needleworkers never have enough yarn! Hehe. Oh dear. Black Friday coming soon. Sale!! So many projects that can be done! We need 48 hrs in a day!! Hehe. Can’t wait to see what you will be making :)
Hope your daughter is feeling better 🙏🏻

Lol right, we never have enough! I know, Black Friday...the yarn is calling me already! 😂

Thank you, she’s back to health now ~