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I'm no seamstress but I'm a great believer in if you can read it you can do it. Even though this time around I've had no instructions at all. I've been winging it solo.

Starting back to front - The Finished Product

I'm a great believer in using the Morsbags that I've been gifted by a friend. Now I've got you wondering what a morsbag is..... Well it is an eco-friendly handmade fabric shopping bag to help cut down on the use of plastic when one goes shopping.

The Morsbag is the brownish one.

Morsbags are made with recycled fabrics by volunteers and are NOT allowed to be sold for any monetary gain. The idea behind the Morsbag is that one makes a change one bag at a time. It's to be gifted to someone.

The original idea started in the UK and they have hundreds of Morsbag pods consisting out of volunteers collecting fabric, stitching bags and paying for labels. The ultimate goal would be for this initiative to spread worldwide.

Doing my best not to ruin the material

I'm no seamstress. I had my first sewing lesson in 20 years last week offered by a friend to help me make sense of my newly gifted machine.

The cat was keeping watch to make sure I don't muck it up

Oops... Made a boo-boo and then had to fix it.

A second bag underway can you believe it!!!

I felt so good after the first one was done and I seemed to have survived the ordeal today I decided to tackle a second bag. 😁 **Just because I can! **

I didn't like the material nuch that I used for the second bag but you live and you learn I suppose.

Doesn't matter how it turned out and that I know the mistakes I've made but I got the deed done, getting better and more confident with each stitch.

The only thing that confounds me and perhaps some of the seamstresses on here could help me.

This is such an advanced machine I have no idea how to get to the stitches offered on S1 and S2. I've studied the
booklet but can't make heads or tails of it. Help would be appreciated if someone has an idea.

The manual

The machine

All photos are my own

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Mors bags are a great idea, I have several and there is a sewing pod nearby where I donate fabric. Lovely project to do on your machine.
Sorry I can't help with the machine stitches, I need to have the machine in front of me. Hopefully, someone more experienced will come along.

Woo-hoo someone else that knows about Morsbags!! I'm not saying I'll be sewing 24/7 but the bags are quick and somewhat easy to make, not mentioning all my mistakes. 😂 But I learnt some things whilst I was doing it so each one is a little bit better. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment. Much appreciated 😊

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I came across them first at a community event on a stall run by a local friends association. The one I wanted was made from a lovely striped material and I wanted to cut it up for a project! I came away with two, one for re-purposing and one for shopping. But I so pleased to get a local address for donating fabric.

That's amazing. In Mauritius no one know about Morsbags. I try and promote them on my blog and when I meet people I show them mine. It's a mindset that needs to change. Happy to meet someone that knows about it too. ☺️

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This work definitely looks pro! You did a good job copying your bag. I know of people using fabric bags to shop but this is my first hearing about the Morsbags and the volunteers. It’s a neat concept of gifting them to a friend.

So glad you are having fun with your sewing venture! Hopefully someone will come along that can answer your sewing machine questions. I’m still learning and can’t understand mine all the way either! 😄

Thanks for sharing ~

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Thank you @theluvbug much appreciated 😊 ❤️

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Yes, you absolutely DID do that like a pro! Love that first fabric too!

Hey there. Thank you so much. I am rather proud. 😂 I looked at my Morsbag and tried to copy it. Didn't do to bad for a first timer I think. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment. ☺️ Much appreciated

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That looks great! I think you're doing a good job. Of course, having the cat "snoopervising" I'm sure helped ;)

😂 😂 The cat was definitely worried.. Thank you for stopping by ☺️

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What a wonderful project, I never knew there is something like a Morsbag. And you did it so well!
I sadly do not know your sewing machine, but reading the directions you posted I guess you can change between S1 and S2 by using the dial no 2 at the top of the machine. But you perhaps already guessed this... which kind of symbols are on this dial no 2? Could you post perhaps another photo? Maybe we can solve this together.

I'm too blonde to figure this out. 😂

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Oh noooo I am also blonde (on the inside)... Very strange problem. Did you tried out to change the dial no 2 together with the stitch pattern? Sadly I am not sitting in front of this machine... Are there symbols on the front of the stitch length dial? Or did they wrote something wrong in the manual and the symbols S1 and S2 are on another dial (perhaps the first one, as do I not recognise this dial it from other machines)?

We found the solution!!!!!!!! Yay. We just had to turn the dial some more.. 😂 😂 😂 #funny guess I was scared I'll turn it too far and break it. My friend found the setting today as we were struggling with the machine skipping stitches. 😂

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