#needleworkmonday :: A waffle stitch pouch.. yumm!

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I love waffles and if possible, I would eat them for breakfast, for lunch, even for dinner plus supper! But I only get to eat them on special occasions which means, not often. Don't you love waffles? There are the sweet kinds and the savoury kinds. I have seen on telly that waffles are served with fried chicken too in some parts of the world! Totally awesome!


One day, during one of my online surfing moods, I found a stitch called waffle stitch: https://www.simple-knitting.com/waffle-stitch.html. I was like whaaat?? How sweet is that? And it seemed fitting too that I am practising my knit stitches and I love waffles! Best pairing ever!!

The moment I saw the waffle knit stitch, I went searching for a yarn ball, my knitting needles and got working. I chose a greenish cotton yarn, maybe it is aqua or turquoise, I can't really remember what I bought. I knitted and purled according to the pattern:

Multiple of 3 sts + 1
If you'd like to knit a sample cast on 13, 16, 19 or 22 stitches.
Row 1: (WS) Knit 1, * Purl 2, Knit 1, repeat from * to end
Row 2: P1, *K2, P1 rep from * to end
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Repeat row 2

The pattern requires quite a bit of focus to build the pattern. One missed stitch or one wrong stitch changes the dynamics of the pattern altogether. After several days of careful knitting and purling, I got this piece of about 7 inches by 7 inches:


I left quite a bit of tail on both the beginning and end of the knitted piece because I wasn't sure what to do with this piece. I just wanted to knit my waffle stitches!

After leaving the waffle knitted piece for a day or two, I suddenly had an epiphany to turn this square piece into a pouch 💡. And surprisingly, it was just the right size for my phone or my sunglasses!

~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

Here is the schematics of the sewing plan:


~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

I folded the square piece into half, took my fat darning needle and started stitching the long side and the short side with the long tails which were left behind at the beginning and end of my knitting piece. Good thing I left long tails of about an arms length on both sides:


I tried to hide the joining seams by stitching into the existing stitches, like a weave and the result was suppose to give a stitch that looked as though they are part of the knit:


I think it is a similar stitch used when we join amigurumi pieces together. And it sort of looked weaved into the knitted piece.

After stitching both sides, I crocheted a fastening loop at the opened side:


Once that was completed, I stitched a button for the fastener. A nice wooden brown button with a snowflake design:


I decided not to put a lining because the yarn is soft and I wanted to make use of the stretchy stitch, to be able to put bigger things inside.

~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

With the button in place, it was time to test this out.

First up, my cool sunnies:

Nicely snuggled inside :D

Then, my mobile phone:


They both fit very nicely. I just need to decide which item will be housed by this delicious waffle stitch pouch :D

~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

My happy delicious waffle stitch pouch :)


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Beautiful waffle stitch and you designed knittifully!

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Thank you @jurich60!

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Nice pouch!

With crocheting things get even more waffle-like, especially if you use a yarn with matching color ;)

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Thank you @muscara! Hehe yes yours is very waffle like. Did you crochet it into a bag? Delicious! :)

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I also love waffles, I do for dinner almost every night... I love the process and the project.... beautiful pouch.. Thank you for share!

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Oh yummm! Do you have a yummy recipe to share? I am thinking to get myself a waffle iron so that I can make them myself :)

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Hello... I don't know what happen with my app.. I don't get any notifications...
Yes I have... my daughter favorite is banana...
5 ripe bananas
1 egg(opcional)
2 spoon of oil (I do any vegetable)
1 1/2 cup of flour
Blend all the ingredients, less the flour, put the flour last and mix by hand batter
Drops of vanilla
Change some flour for oat
Add some raisins
Add some chocolat
I do not use sugar because I use bananas from my back yard and they are really sweet

Haha YES! I LOVE waffles! Chicken and waffles are one of my favorite meals! This is such a cute stitch. I first saw this stitch on Pinterest, someone made dish clothes with this stitch.

I love that you made this into a pouch, so cute!

Yay! Hi-five!!! To waffles!! Hehe. I have yet to try waffles and fried chicken but I have watched many travel food shows about the famous Southern waffles and fried chicken. Yummmm.
Oo it would make a nice dish cloth because of its texture. I am liking my pouch :) Thank you @crosheille!!

You knitted this!!!! This is amazing and I cannot belief that you only started to knit a short time ago. And wonderful color choice (however the name of this color :-DDD)
If I am honest we only have one kind of waffles here which is famous/common. It’s a heart shaped waffle (Bergische Waffel) made with a thick but fluid batter and served with cream and hot cherries/rice pudding. I seldom make them as I find it tedious to bake one after the other... I am more for baking cookies :-D
But I am in love with liege waffles which are made from a yeas dough with pearl sugar which caramelises in the hot waffle iron. Sadly you need a special kind of waffle iron which I do not posses.

I am surprised myself!! Thank you @neumannsalva. You are very kind. I think the waffle factor had a lot to do with it. Focus, focus, focus! Hehe.
I am for baking cookies too although I am not spending as much time as I hope to at it.
You have so many different types of waffles!! I only know one. The round shaped ones, that has sections for quarters :) Give me any waffle any day!! :D
I am thinking to get a waffle iron but I will need to find a waffle mixture recipe first! Do you know any yummy ones?

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